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A & W are the initials of two persons named Allen & Wright, originator of this amazing brand. A & W Restaurants, Inc. is the fastest growing fast food restaurant chain in the United States. It was the first food cafe, started its franchises from California. Apart from various franchises, its numbers can be counted in several formats, such as food courts, co-brands and free standing.

A & W is the only food store, mainly famous for its branded root beer. A & W serves a large number of hamburgers, fried fries, hot dogs, milkshakes, mock tails and root beer. The organization got special popularity due to its “Frosty Mugs”, which are kept in freezer and filled in style with root beer and serve to customers.

This chain of restaurant has set up some of its outlets in “captive audience” premises, such as colleges, universities, mall locations, airports and military bases, etc. It does not provide any financial support to the concerned person for establishing franchise in the market. Before setting up food cafe, the franchised person needs to undergo through a preliminary training program.

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Organization Details

Working Hours @ A & W: The fast food restaurant remains open from Monday-Saturday: 12:00pm-09:00pm. The store does not serve customers on Sunday.

Age Eligibility @ A & W: With minimum age of 16 years, you are eligible to start your career in this organization.

Career Opportunities @ A & W: Service Crew Member, Cashier, Food Counter Attendant, Team Member, Kitchen Helper, Carhop, Cook, General Manager, Food Service Supervisor and Assistant Manager.

History: A & W food store was started in 1919 in Lodi, California. It was started by Roy Allen, when he approached Frank Wright for partnership. This concept was thought by Roy Allen in order to help Frank Wright in his root beer business. Till today’s time, A & W has around 700 food cafe’s covering 15 countries worldwide.

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The logo of this brand also contains an evolving story. This food court was named after taking first letter of the surname of both the partners (Allen & Wright). Both the letters are written on an orange and brown oval background. From the date of its origin, the logo has not been changed for a single time.

Presence:  This fast food sector has very strong presence in the international market. In today’s time, the brand has approximately 1,100 retail outlets alone in South Asian nations, such as Indonesia and Bangladesh. Countries of other region include Okinawa, Canada, Australia, Spain and France, etc. A&W has a total manpower of more than 30,000 employees across all locations.

Additional Services: A survey report states that an American every year consumes about 150 hamburgers. Apart from this heavily sold menu item, you can also order from a long list of items. This list includes: Burgers, French fries, hot dogs and onion rings, etc.

Community Initiatives: At global level, the brand had made a lot of contribution, not only in terms of heavy amount but also by providing special services. One of the famous incident happened in Canada. The restaurant outlets based in Canada on 23 August on the occasion of 4th annual Cruisin’ for a Cause Day generated total revenue of $1.25 million. That day, one dollar from every burger sold was donated to MS (Multiple Sclerosis).

Financial Stature: A&W charges in between $20,000-$30,000 for granting single franchise in the market. Moreover, the brand has to make total investment of $1.1 to $1.7 million more to set up and smoothly run its branches. The company charges royalty fee of 5-6% from all the privately owned outlets.

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Jobs Descriptions& Remuneration

A & W offers an ultimate work experience plus grant you with appropriate space required for shining growth. It provides a great platform to start your career with this established brand.

Entry level is the first step of ladder to begin your career with. Applicants with suitable experience and knowledge obtained may go for top position interviews. Most of the times, candidates need to approach the company’s office for the interview process. But today, existence of internet has changed the hiring criteria. Fill out the online job application form and receive interview calls with few hours. Requirement of these positions regularly comes in front of the company.

Team Members- Team members need to serve the customers with good and high quality food and beverages. They should maintain clean, friendly, fun and healthy work environment. Other responsibilities include serving the guests, preparing products, ringing up orders and cleaning the store. People hired in this restaurant should be young, energetic, dynamic and career oriented. Reputation of restaurant chain largely depends upon team member’s performance. Salary of these workers starts from $10/hour. Increment takes place according to the hard work and dedication shown by them.

Assistant Manager- Work of this post is to maintain the quality and standard of the brand as well as carry out with operational systems. Asst. Managers need to train crew members and shift supervisors. As a high ranking officer, they need to behave properly in terms of looks, communication and manners. Company’s expectations depend a lot on the performance of these managers. You are required to contribute towards attaining industry’s profit by controlling expenditure and maintaining shifts.

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Before hiring the interviewed aspirants, industry looks for dedicated workers, creative and intelligent for these jobs.     

Advantages of working @ A & W

A& W throws massive employee benefits schemes from both the hands to its proficient workers. From bottom till top level of management, every associated person enjoy several job benefits, such as paid training opportunities, competitive pay rates and flexible work schedules. Under this brand, all workers (full time as well as entry level associates), are entertained by receiving munificent income benefits.

These advantages get increased by adding few other facilities, such as 401(k) retirement, disability coverage, accidental death insurance, dental, medical and vision care plans. Moreover, some special perks are awarded to qualified professionals like sick leaves, paid vacations, bereavement leaves, discount on movie tickets, Employee Assistance Program and tuition reimbursement, etc. The organization provides equal respect and independence to all its employees. Working here is a great pleasure for professionals.

Job Interview Questions for A & W

  • What are your expectations from the company?
  • Are you ready to work in shifts?
  • Will you be able to compete in this fast-paced environment?
  • How will you handle a customer being very rude?
  • What are your future career objectives?
  • What do you understand by fast food industry?