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American Automobile Association (AAA) can provide the employment you are searching. More than 50 million members are connected with the association. It takes a large staff to serve and assist a customer base of this size. Gear up your interest in automobiles. A job offered by the organization may help keeping up your passion for cars and bikes.

There is no online application to apply for a job at AAA. The association operates its services through local automobile clubs throughout the country. If you are interested in a part-time job with the association, then you should contact the local automobile club in your area.  You will have to take the membership of the association and get training. You will be able to learn more about automobiles and could get your hands dirty every time providing road side assistance. You will not only be helping the members when they are stuck in a remote location or need help on a crash site, but you will be making new friends.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ AAA:- Working hours varies by location

Age Eligibility @ AAA:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ AAA:– Service vehicle driver, Roadside assistance specialist, Member service consultant, Insurance sales agent, Travel counsellor, Associate member, Insurance service representative, Policy service specialist, Branch manager, Claim representative, Mechanic, Technician, Service specialist, Claim team member, Customer service representative, Trip planner, Call centre specialist

History:- American Automobile Association was formed in the year 1902. The objective behind the formation of the association was to assist members facing troubles during interstate travels. Gradually, several local automobile clubs joined the association. Beginning from providing road side assistance in any part of the country, the association soon started providing assistance related to automobile finance and insurance. The organization has played a vital role in educating about road safety.

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Additional Services:- The organization publishes safety manual every year called sportsmanlike driving. It also conducts travel safety workshops in schools and colleges educating youth about road safety tips.

Presence:- The association marks its presence throughout the country. It operates with the help of local automobile clubs. There are more than 50 million members of the associations. The candidates hired by the association have to serve these members.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

Most of the job opportunities offered by the organization are for part-time positions. Any individual, who is above 18 years of age, can apply for a job to the local automobile club. If you have an interest in automobile repair and maintenance, you can join as a technician or mechanic. You should have a keen interest in automobiles and have some of the basic knowledge of the same. The recruiters judge your interest and give a short training program before engaging into the job. The candidates can also find employment in the insurance department of the organization. They can join as an insurance consultant, claims representative, or claims team member.

The association is also running constancy services. Hence, individuals have prospects of joining as a travel consultant or customer service representative. At many locations, the organization is operating its own call centres. There are managerial positions too. The members, who have served the organization over a long time, can become branch manager or manager in a specific department run by the association.

Advantages of Working @ AAA:

Since, most of the employment provided by the association is by part-time positions; there are not long-term benefits of the jobs. However, the recruits get adequate wages for their service where they are generally paid on an hourly basis.  At some locations, the candidates are paid for the service they provide. The members serving the organization for full-time and working in insurance or managerial position access benefits like retirement fund, salary, healthcare and life insurance.
AAA Job Application
Contact local AAA chapter to find employment.

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Job Interview Questions at AAA:

  • What is your age?
  • How do you get interest in automobiles?
  • Why do you want to join the association?
  • Do you like helping people?
  • Tell us about road safety measures in your state?
  • What do you know about repairing automobiles?
  • Have you done repairing before?
  • What time will you like to serve the club?