Air Force Job Application

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United States Air Force (USAF) is the largest air force of the world and the most advanced one. Currently, around 330,000 personnel are working in the United States Air Force. It offers a number of career opportunities in flying, cyberspace operations, psychiatric, medical, pararescue, and infantry.

A job in the United States Air force will be challenging and rewarding. It is more than a job. You must be proud to serve the defence forces in whatever position you do it. The personnel serve the force for 20 years. Not only are the careers positions, several entry-level jobs are also offered by the forces. The high school graduates and college graduates can apply to these jobs. The candidates wanting a career in the air force should contact a recruiter in their area. They can find a recruiter online. Visit the official air force website – and move on to contact us page. Find a recruiter by entering the ZIP Code.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Air Force:- A job in Air Force does not have any scheduled timings

Age Eligibility @ Air Force:- The minimum age requirement to join in at any position is 18 years.

Career Opportunities @ Air Force:– Cyberspace support member, Chaplain assistant, Pilot, Aircrew operations, Paralegal, Military police, Vehicle maintenance and transportation, Surgeon, Psychiatric, Laboratory technician, Public affairs coordinator, Explosive ordnance disposal, Aerial gunner, CSAR pilot, Airborne operations, Combat systems officer, Fuels specialist, Civil engineer, Airfield management, Financial management officer, Knowledge operations manager, Nurse practitioners, Aviation resource manager, Combat rescue officer, Network intelligence analyst, specialist

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United States Air Force became an official body in the year 1947 as per National Security Act of 1947. Before official conception, it served as shared service by Marine Corps, Navy and Army. It was used to call Aeronautical Division until 1914, Aviation Section from 1914 to 1918, U.S. Army Air Service from 1918 to 1926, U.S. Army Air Corps from 1926 to 1941, and U.S. Army Air Forces from 1941 to 1947.

USAF participated in several wars. It served in the First World War and World War II and later during Cold War. In 1980s, it participated in Operation Eagle Claw, Operation Just Cause, Operation El Dorado Canyon, and Operation Urgent Fury. During 1990s, it carried out Operation Southern Watch, Operation Desert Shield, Operation Northern Watch, and Operation Desert Storm, Operation deliberate Force, Operation Allied Force and Operation Desert Fox. It played a vital role in war in Afghanistan Libya and Iraq.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

USAF tags the careers by Air Force Speciality Code (AFSC). There are seven AFSCs – Maintenance and Logistics, Medical and Dental, Finance and Contracting, Operations, Support, Special investigations, and Legal and Chaplain. There are several career fields associated with each AFSC.

In Operations, typical career fields are Aircrew operations, Aircrew equipment, Unmanned aerospace systems, Intelligence, Safety, Weather, Aircrew protection, Command and control system operations. The career fields in support are Cyberspace support, Mission support, Military police, Visual information, Public affairs, Civil engineering, Services, Manpower and Historian. The career fields under finance are contracting and financial management. Similarly, the career fields in legal speciality are paralegal services and chaplain assistance.

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The Aerospace maintenance, Maintenance management systems, Fuel and propulsion systems, Missile maintenance, Munitions and weapons, Supply, Transportation maintenance and Measurement equipments laboratory are counted in the logistics and maintenance career tracks. The hires for special investigations are done separately.

The minimum age to get recruited by air force is 18 years. There is an age bar of 28 years to join the services. Hence, call a recruiter as soon as possible and explore the career tracks in the air force that may suit your potential. Pass the ASVAB to begin a career with U. S. Air Force.

Advantages of Working @ Air Force:

Nobody goes into defence forces for monetary benefits. It is the patriotism and love for adventure that let you choose such careers. It  is a glorious thing to being part of the largest air force of the world. It is a challenging job and rewarding too. The personnel get food allowances and tax-free housing. There are attractive pay-scales at all ranks and career tracks. There is a pension plan that secures your future after 20 years of glorious service. So say proudly “No One Come Close”
Air Force Job Application

Job Interview Questions at Air Force:

  • What is your social security number?
  • Who are your dependents?
  • Have you never used drugs?
  • Have you never participated in any criminal activity?
  • Why do you want to join Air Force?
  • What can you offer us?
  • Tell us about a situation when you faced adverse conditions and managed it?
  • What are your biggest failures in life?
  • How much do you love your country?
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