Air New Zealand Job Application

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Air New Zealand has flights to USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, China, Hong Kong and of course New Zealand. As are the international flights of this airline, you do have the international job opportunities too. If you really like travelling to remote countries and like interacting with people of different cultures and places, then any job offered by the airline will delight you. Even if this is not an area of your interest and you only want a job to receive some handsome salary, there are many jobs at this airline.

The recruitments by Air New Zealand are done through job fairs and casual recruitment drives. Keep checking vacancies in newspapers and job sites as Air New Zealand can open vacancies anytime. You must be wanting a flight job if you like travelling and have ambition to travel the whole world (without any cost). The ground jobs are also rewarding in equal proportions except they do not involve air travel. 

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Air New Zealand:- Working hours varies by job position. The flights run all days all time.

Age Eligibility @ Air New Zealand:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Air New Zealand:– Flight attendant, Air traffic controller, Pilot, Customer service representative, Travel consultant, Maintenance technician, Air Terminal Supervisor, Flight crew member, Cargo workers, Air ground supervisor, Service agent, Cleaner, Call centre operator, Airline clerk

History:- Air New Zealand was founded in the year 1940. It was formerly called  Tasman Empire Airways. It is a subsidiary of Air New Zealand Limited. The parent company has approximately 100 airplanes in its fleet. It is listed in New Zealand Stock Exchange trading under the ticker symbol – AIR and is also listed in the Australian Security Exchange trading under the ticker symbol – AIZ. The revenue generated by the company last year was $3 billion.

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Additional Services:- The flights from Air New Zealand are available for United States and Canada in North America; New Zealand, Pacific islands, Australia and Tahiti in Oceania; China, Japan and Hong Kong in Asia and United Kingdom, France and Continental Europe in Europe.  

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

A number of jobs are available in different departments of the Air New Zealand. In customer service, one can join as customer service representative, call centre operator, consultant and service agent. In these customer service jobs, one has to attend calls of customers, do flight bookings for them and respond to their queries. There are many ground jobs at airports for the airline workers. Like, one can work as cleaner, luggage handler and maintenance technician. For maintenance technician job, one needs to have requisite technical qualification and should have completed a course in aircraft maintenance and electronics.

Among the entry-level flight jobs, flight attendant is the easiest to secure. The flight attendants must have gone through relevant training from a reputed academy. There are many on-flight jobs that require completing specific training programs. 

Advantages of Working @ Air New Zealand:

The salaries offered in airline jobs are really impressive. The best thing is that you get chance to travel around the world in your whole job. The job advantages offered to employees depend upon duties assigned to them, their job position and location of posting.  

Air New Zealand Job Application

Job Interview Questions at Air New Zealand:

  1. Do you like flying?
  2. When did your training program completed?
  3. How was your experience with your previous employer?
  4. Did you have a conflict with a co-worker any time? How you managed the situation?
  5. Do you enjoy this job?
  6. How do you handle stress?
  7. Why Air New Zealand?
  8. What salary do you expect?
  9. What are your professional achievements?
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