AirTran Job Application

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AirTran is one of the major airlines in United States with flights across around 97 airports. The airline has been a choice for both tourists and business travellers. It provides career opportunities in customer service, ground duties and flight jobs.

AirTran is one of the rare airlines, which have facilitated online employment application. The provides not only easy access to book flights, it provides also plenty of information about building career with the airline. Visit the career page and learn about current openings. You can apply to an opening online. Complete candidate profiler and wait for email notification from the company. Keep checking your job submissions. You may get an interview call within few days after you applied for a job. You must have a driving license and a valid passport. You will have to go through drug test and background investigation during the hiring process.  

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ AirTran:- Hours of working depend upon the job position, location and shift.

Age Eligibility @ AirTran:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ AirTran:– Flight Attendant, Customer service representative, Flight crew member, Pilot, Ground operations manager, Call centre operator, Ramp agent, Maintenance technician, Reservation clerk, Aircraft technician, Service agent

History:- AirTran was founded in year 1993. It emerged as a low cost airline suitable for both business travellers as well as tourists. AirTran Holding Inc is the parent company of the airline. The parent company is listed in New York Stock Exchange, and it trades under the ticker symbol – AAI. The average annual revenue generated by the company is around $2 billion dollars every year. The strength of AirTran staff is more than 8000. It has been running flights across 97 airports in United States. 

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Additional Services:- AirTran is known for its budget friendly flights. It operates flights throughout America. The travellers can also book flights online at the corporate website of the airline. 

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

Are you searching a job in the travel industry? Well, you must have tried at AirTran. Its employment application is available online. There are many jobs that you can try hunting here. Probably, most of the candidates will want to become a flight attendant, especially those who love travelling. This job can be secured after qualifying through an appropriate training program. Other jobs are in customer service. If one has completed at least a high school diploma, he/she can apply for jobs like travel consultant, customer service agent or call centre operator. The customer service agents relay flight information, perform booking and accomplish payment processes. The travel consultants do a similar job, they are expected to guide clients and provide them proper advice. These entry-level jobs require you to be 18 years old, and that is it. The flight jobs like flight attendant, flight crew and pilot generally require completing related training programs.

Advantages of Working @ AirTran:

Of course, the most lucrative advantage of working in an airline is travel privilege, one that would be loved by all who enjoy travelling. After 30 days of employment, AirTran employees start getting dental, health, basic life insurance and accidental death cover. Disability protection, flexible spending accounts, 401(k) pension plan, 529 plan and investment options are additional benefits. 

AirTran Job Application

Job Interview Questions at AirTran:

  1. What attracted you to the job?
  2. How was your previous job experience?
  3. What is the most crucial thing you learnt in your training course?
  4. How will you maintain a team spirit?
  5. Why AirTran?
  6. What qualities you have that make you fit for this job?
  7. How much you enjoy travelling?
  8. What are your salary expectations?
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