Alamo Rental Car Job Application

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The third largest car rental service in the United States – Alamo is now more than a rental car provider. There are job opportunities in sales, customer service, technology and management with these rental car providers.

All the aspirants looking for a job in the transportation industry should try at least once in these service centres. The company has vast presence in United States along with operations active abroad. A job at Alamo may also give an opportunity to travel and work abroad. An application to a job can be submitted online. The applicants will have to create a job profile on the company’s website – This will allow them to search a job online and apply to a job by a single click. You will be proud being part of the largest car rental company in the United States.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Alamo Car:- Sunday-Friday: 8:00AM-6:00AM; Saturday: 6:00AM-10:00PM

Age Eligibility @ Alamo Car:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Alamo Car:– Customer service agent, Airport service agent, CDL bus driver, Maintenance automotive technician, Maintenance technician, Rental sales agent, Driver, Maintenance custodian, Exit booth agent, Service agent, Return agent

History:- Established in 1974, Alamo began with four locations in Florida. It expanded by franchising operations to other locations. It is the success of the franchise model adopted by the company that it emerged as the third largest car rental agency. It was first to start online car rental in the year 1995. In 2007, it was acquired by the Enterprise Holdings. It is still a private-owned company with corporate office in Clayton, Missouri.

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Additional Services:- This rental agency rents cars of Nissan, Chevrolet and Dodge. It also offers online car rental services. Besides this, they are affiliated with Hotels and Airlines.

Presence:- Alamo is now a subsidiary of the largest rental car agency in the United States. It is a private-owned multi-national company. It is managing business operations in United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, Southern Africa, Europe, Middle East and Australia.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

Candidates can expect job in these agencies as customer service agent, driver and manager. The customer service jobs are open to any candidate above 16 years of age and having passed high school diploma or GED. Other equivalent educational credentials are also acceptable. These associates must be good in communication and should have basic computer knowledge. They book online orders. Then, forward them to the respective agencies. They also verify the availability of cars for rental. The drivers are hired to render transportation service. They are hired area-wise and may be paid by the number of trips they perform.

They are also administrative and management jobs at each location. A manager is required to oversee the operations of the agency and carry out financial and banking transactions. Hiring of associates is also done by them. The office works are accomplished by the administrative assistants.

Advantages of Working @ Alamo Car

A job is in Alamo could be very rewarding. It may help in advancing the career and earn a respectable income. All the associates whether they are working in the corporate office or customer service are paid above industry-standard pay. They get regular appraisals normally in a year interval. The workers are also benefitted by retirement options, profit sharing plans, insurance and medical facilities.
Alamo Rental Car Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at Alamo Car:

  • Why Alamo Car?
  • How long have you been working in the transportation industry?
  • Will you be able to work on 24by7 basis?
  •  Do you have a cell phone?
  • How will you schedule car rentals?
  • Describe your resume?
  • Do you have a valid driving license?
  • Why do you select this career path?