Alaska Airlines Job Application

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Alaska Airlines has become the top choice for air travel to and from Alaska. The airline operates several flights for Alaska along with flights for other U.S. states and international flights for Canada, Hawaiian Islands and Mexico.

Alaska Airline has provided an online job search facility. The candidates interested in any kind of job at the airline can register on the website – They can register by filling up an electronic form. They start getting job alerts after their successful registration. The job openings are posted on the website at the same link. The registered candidates can apply to a job online. They may have to pass a background investigation and drug test before employment to flight jobs. The ground jobs and jobs in customer service do not have stringent requirements and can be more easily secured.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Alaska Airlines:- Working hours varies by job position.

Age Eligibility @ Alaska Airlines:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Alaska Airlines:– Reservation agent, Customer service representative, Flight attendant, Information technology specialist, Pilot, Financial analyst, Maintenance engineers, Customer service agents, Travel advisors

History:- Alaska airline was founded as McGee Airways in year 1932. It was acquired by many corporations in the course of time. In 1944, the airline was renamed Alaska Airline. It is a subsidiary of Alaska Air Group. The company is listed in NYSE and trades under the ticker symbol – ALK. It owns more than 100 airplanes and operates flights between 90 different destinations. Alaska Air Group also runs another subsidiary – Horizon Air Industries. More than 10,000 employees work in the airline. The company generated revenue of approximately $3.2 billion last year.

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Additional Services:- Most of the flights of Alaska airline are to Alaska to and from other states of the country. There are some international flights to Mexico, Hawaiian Islands and Canada too.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

When one thinks about an airline in respect to job search, flight jobs come into the mind. However, not everybody qualifies for such jobs as they are offered to only those candidates, who had gone through related training or internship. Of course, many individuals will be willing to join as a flight attendant or other position in flight crew. They must go through training programs conducted for these careers.

If you are only searching a job to have good earnings, customer service jobs or jobs related to ground services will also fit into the scenario. These jobs are available only in customer service centres of the company in Seattle. They can join as customer service representatives, service agents or call centre operators. The ground jobs offered by the airline, are cargo worker, supervisors and cleaners.

Advantages of Working @ Alaska Airlines:

Travel privilege is the foremost advantage of working in the airline. Especially, those, who are fond of travelling, will not like to miss such job. Alaska airline provides numerous advantages from day one onwards. They start availing life insurance, dental and medical cover, and 401(k) plan from the date of joining. The medical cover includes dependants as well. Other benefits are saving options, investment schemes and paid leaves. The salaries are unquestionable and obviously higher than in any other industry.
Alaska Airlines Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at Alaska Airlines:

  • What did you learn in training program?
  • What part of your training do you consider most important?
  • Why Alaska Airlines?
  • Why do you think that you suit to this job?
  • What challenges you faced in your previous job experience?
  • Tell us about the worst day of your life?
  • What achievements do you count on your part?
  • Is this job easy?