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ALDI also recognized as ALDI Einkauf GmbH & Co. oHG has successfully completed hundred years in the international market. ALDI is the short form of Albrecht Discount. The company is based out in Germany and serving millions of customers every day. This supermarket store has simple premises containing almost everything of daily usage. All the outlets around the globe are constructed as per the future requirement.

Furthermore, the products available at ALDI stores are marked by 100% customer satisfaction. ALDI grocery store has been functioning in two groups. First, ALDI Nord (headquarter is in Essen) and second, ALDI Süd (headquarter in Mülheim an der Ruhr). Both of these two stores operate separately and independently without affecting each other.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ ALDI: The working hours of ALDI are same at all store locations. Every day the store works from 09:00AM – 07:00PM.

Age Eligibility @ ALDI: For getting employment at ALDI, you should be at least 18 years or above.

Career Opportunities @ ALDI: Cashier, General Merchandise Clerk, Shift Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Lobby Clerk, Customer Service Representative, Grocery Clerk, Store Manager, Department Supervisor, Assistant Manager, Stock Clerk, Driver, Department Supervisor, Deli Clerk, Manager, Courtesy Booth Clerk, Warehouse Worker, Produce Clerk, Sales Associate, Account Analyst Associate and Food And Beverages Director.

History: One of the greatest brands in America, ALDI was started in year 1976. The brand got popularity due to its compact stores. The company areas are much more flexible and convenient than other supermarkets. ALDI was first opened in Germany in year 1913. Basically it’s a German based organization. The brand commenced it business as “hard discounters” and “limited-assortment”.

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Presence: ALDI’s business expansion is more at national level than international grounds. The company presently (2012) functioning with more than 1,000 chain centres in approximately 31 varied areas. These areas range from Kansas till east coast. Established few global outlets are in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Slovenia, Poland, Austria, Australia, France, Ireland, Switzerland, Benelux and Hungary.

Additional Services: This supermarket is totally dedicated towards customer satisfaction. Without spending much of the time, you can find a large variety of daily consumable products and services. These includes: Sanitary articles, toilet paper, food, beverages and other inexpensive household items. The store is a hub of all expensive and non-expensive brands. Including all these varieties is a positive step which increases its sales and helps in becoming #1.

Financial Stature: Financial position of ALDI is above average level. The brand annually generates revenue of more than $60 billion. Company is a privately operated brand and had employed thousands of strong professionals across all sites.

Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration:

ALDI offers you world class job opportunities. Whether you are fresher or well experienced great career options are waiting for you. Constant openings are available for both full and part time associates. This wonderful facility is provided by the brand for undergraduate or post graduates students. Click on the online job application form to get instant interview calls.

Crew Member- For your general knowledge, crew members are the entry level associates. They are part of such team which completes loads of job responsibilities each day. The basic job duties involves: meet and greet customers, help with their purchases, restocking goods, cleaning store and few other important tasks. Salary of these employees starts from basic minimum scale.

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Clerk- Performing duties of clerk is not an easy task. A clerk has to undertake numerous job roles and serves almost every department of the company. Each day he/she has work in different area. Company always hire trustworthy, energetic, dedicated, knowledgeable and reliable workers.

Shift Manager- You can guess the job duties of these professionals with their position title. Shift manager manages daily store operations as well as staff people. They should be friendly with computer, leadership and communication skills. Average annual salary of Shift Manager varies between $20,000 to $30,000. The income figure will differ depending upon the area, experience and store you work in.             

Advantages of working @ ALDI:

ALDI, as an employer will please you with a variety of job advantages and international working environment. Customers as well as employees, both are an important source of success for the company. The chief duty of ALDI is to treat all its workers equally in terms of age, gender, sex, nationality, religion and community, etc. Ample of career opportunities and job benefit plans are waiting for you.

Besides salaries, you can enjoy: 401(k) retirement plans, 529 college savings plan, paid vacation, adoption assistance short-term and long-term disability coverage, dependent care, healthcare coverage, tuition reimbursement, vision and dental insurance, sick leave, yearly bonuses.

Moreover, employees are also provided with store’s uniform, name tags and meal discounts. These facilities are offered in terms of long survival of workers in the same industry. These features encourage professionals to put in their full strength or successful business.
ALDI Job Application

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Job Interview Questions for ALDI :-

Most common interview questions are:

  • What is the earliest possible time you can join the company?
  • How much comfortable are you working in shifts?
  • “Customer service is the most essential part of ALDI”. Explain.
  • Which area or sector of grocery industry do you find most challenging?
  • What reasons made you apply for the job at ALDI?
  • Explain your previous work experience.
  • What qualities a grocery worker must possess?