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A fashionable American restaurant, known as J. Alexander’s is famous for its multi cuisine dishes. Restaurant operates with the key objective of delivering dining experience of finest quality. Here the guests are entertained with a large selection of American varieties, such as steaks, rib of beef, sandwiches, entree salads and fresh seafood.

The restaurant also has full traditional bar court, serving the customers with fine quality wines in glasses and bottles. J. Alexander’s corp. is an organization owned publicly. The brand is listed on NASDAQ stock market under the symbol JAX. J. Alexander’s was established by those people, who want to develop a formal food store to supply superior quality banquet experience along with excellent dining services.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ J. Alexander’s: Timing for customers and clients are Monday-Thursday: 11:00m-10:00pm Friday: 11:00am-11:00pm, Saturday: 11:30am-11:00pm and Sunday: 11:30am-10:00pm.

Age Eligibility @ J. Alexander’s: At the age of 18 years or above, you can jump into this industry.

Career Opportunities @ J. Alexander’s: Waiter, Waitress, Assistant Manager, Host, Hostess, Cook, Bartender, Prep Cook, Restaurant Manager and Dishwasher.      

History: J. Alexander’s is a formal dining chain of restaurants based in Nashville, Tennessee, as a headquarter office. The company came into existence in 1971, known as Volunteer Capital Corporation by three businessmen of Nashville, named Earl Beasley, Jack C. Massey, Jr. and John Neff, Jr. Restaurant’s first branch was established in 1991, in Nashville, Tennessee.

Presence: As of 28th December, 2003, company has started 27 chain restaurants covering states, such as Tennessee, Kansas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Michigan Ohio, Alabama, Colorado and Texas. Currently the restaurant is running in 13 states with 33 outlets. The brand is registered with J. Alexander’s restaurant organization.

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Additional Services: Additional services at J. Alexander’s include preparation of exotic dishes, caring for customers and clients and maintaining peaceful and enjoyable atmosphere.

Walking at the centre will make you discover unbelievable consumable products, such as Alex’s Salad, Gold Coast Salad, Calamari, Smoked Norwegian Salmon, Hyde Park, Turkey Burger, Vegetable Plate, French Dip, Steak Brazzo, New York Strip, Prime Rib Sandwich, Rattlesnake Pasta and Rotisserie Chicken.

Financial Stature: For the understanding of its countrymen, J. Alexander’s is a publicly traded company. The brand is listed on NASDAQ with the symbol JAX. Till September, 2012, J. Alexander’s had total manpower of more than 10,000 employees at all sites.

Again till 27 Sept, 2012, this restaurant was run and managed by American Blue Ribbon Holdings, LLC. This year, shares of the organization got hike of $1.50 (from $13 to $14.50 per share).

Jobs Descriptions& Remuneration:

J. Alexander’s as an employer, constantly hire young and hard working candidates to staff on entry and top level positions at all locations. Company always appoint employees to serve either as part time or full time worker. J. Alexander’s application form is the best way to start your career in this exciting field.

Job responsibilities on all positions are very much different from others. New comers or little experienced ones are appointed on entry level positions. Middle and top level designations require relevant work experience from the applicants. Few positions below are explained in details.

Bartender- For a Bartender position you should not require any prior work experience. But you should possess enough knowledge and information about different types and flavours of wines and beers.

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After getting hired on this position, you will have to serve the customers with their beverage orders and maintain the stocks of drinks. For these services, you will be paid $8-$9 per hour by the employer. Apart from salary, guests pay heavy tips to bartenders.

Restaurant Manager- This position is always full of entertainment as well as managing all restaurant operations. Restaurant manager send reports and update his general manager on daily basis. Moreover, certain business qualities play a key role in the success. Managers should be strong enough to respond to customers queries as well as to handle complex situations. Motivating crew members and resolving their problems is the another important duty of these people.

General Manager- A huge responsibility lies on the shoulders on general managers. They need to motivate the team members to bring out valuable results regarding customer satisfaction, food quality, safety and security, menu preparation and working hours. General Managers are responsible for hiring, training and staffing the right applicant for the restaurant.

General Manager reports to his superior, area Manager. He updates him about the statistics, functions, operations, profit increment and several other ideas.

Prep Cook- As Prep Cook, you will be accountable for preparing customers orders, retain product quality and cleaning kitchen areas. For your services towards restaurant, minimum pay of $8-$9 will be handed over to you.

Advantages of working @ J. Alexander’s:

Plenty of job benefits are provided to the employees working at J. Alexander’s restaurant. Handsome salary and incentives are the basic facilities given to every organization to all workers. But in this company, some special privileges are offered to all professionals at each level. A slight difference can be seen in the job benefits of part time as well as full time workers.

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Job satisfaction here comprises of retirement plans, hardship emergency lifeline program, wellness benefits, dental, health and medical plans, 401(k) plan, long-term disability insurance. Additionally, professionals can enjoy one time free meal, one week of paid vacation and discount on movie tickets. Apply online to watch out more.

Job Interview Questions for J. Alexander’s: Few of the most important interview question for your help.

  • Are you ready to do night shifts on rotational basis?
  • How will you maintain the quality of menu items?
  • What was your academic background?
  • What skills are required to handle work pressure?
  • How will you prove yourself beneficial?
  • What was your role in your previous organization?
  • How will you react if you find something happening illegal?
  • Will you be able to perform comfortable in this fast-paced environment?