All Tune and Lube Job Application

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All Tune and Lube (ATL) is an auto repair and maintenance company in the United States. There are many job opportunities available with the company. The individuals at least 18 years or above by age can join the stores operated by it in various capacities. They can join as technician, service writer or manager.

The job application process is quite straight forward. The aspirants can apply online at the official website of ATL. They can access an employment form by clicking ‘Employment Opportunities’ under the ‘About Us’ tab of the website. Select a title and fill in your personal particulars. Specify if you do have any ASE certifications. The applicants are then, called by the nearest store for an interview. The selected candidates get immediate joining and begin receiving formal training.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ All Tune and Lube:- Monday–Friday: 8:00am–6:00pm; Saturday: 8:00am–4:00pm; Closed Sunday

Age Eligibility @ All Tune and Lube:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ All Tune and Lube:– Lead automotive technician, Assistant manager, Technician, Store manager, Service manager

History:- Thomas B Howell founded the ATL international in the year 1985. Initially, there were few stores in the chain providing car maintenance and repairing services. The chain grew to other locations with time. By now, more than 200 stores are running across the country. The corporate headquarter of the ATL is located in Millersville, Maryland.

Additional Services:- The Company calls its outlets – ‘Total Car Care Centers’. A number of services like Tires, Oil change service, Brakes, Air conditioning service, Maintenance inspections, Automotive transmission service, Engine maintenance and tune up, Fuel injection, Combustion chamber cleaning, and Transmission service and replacement are provided by these centres.

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Presence:- There are 210 stores of the company operating in the United States. The job seekers can locate a store using the online store locator at the company’s website.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

The Total Car Care Centers operated by the company keeps looking for technicians and mechanics. Any individual above 17 years of age can apply to these jobs. The applicants must have a keen interest in automobiles and should have basic knowledge of repairing automobiles and their maintenance. The selected applicants undergo a formal training of auto maintenance and repairing. The applicants having previous experience of management can apply to jobs like store manager or assistant manager. Usually, already working technicians or mechanics are promoted to these positions after they have gained higher education.

A management job at these stores includes supervision and carrying out financial transactions. The managers themselves should have some knowledge of automobile repairing, so that, they could assure quality of service.

Advantages of Working @ All Tune and Lube:

The technicians and mechanics serving the auto centres of the company are paid hourly wages. At some locations, these part-time workers paid for the work done. A job of technician/mechanic would allow one earning his/her living while completing the school education. The store managers are hired on salaries. They receive a basic salary and additional bonuses depending upon the revenue generated by the respective store. The employees working at corporate positions get standard employment benefits like life insurance, healthcare facilities and 401(k) plan.
All Tune and Lube Application

Job Interview Questions at All Tune and Lube:

  • Why All Tune and Lube?
  • Will you be comfortable doing a mechanical job?
  • Describe your favourite car/bike?
  • What kind of repairing jobs you have done?
  • Do you go to school?
  • Which time will you be available at the centre?
  • How long are you willing to do this job?
  • Will pay do you expect?
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