Alltel Job Application

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Alltel was a wireless and telecommunication company. It exists now as a subsidiary of Verizon. The Verizon purchased the telecommunication giant in year 2008. There are several jobs offered by this telecommunication company. You need not be an engineer always. There are jobs in the customer service, retail operations and management that can be aimed by candidates from other disciplines.

All the individuals, who were thinking of employment in the Alltel, now have to seek employment in Verizon. The job opportunities offered at the sites, where Alltel was operating are intact after the acquisition by Verizon. Quickly go to the website of Verizon. Move on to its career’s page and see if there’s a job in customer service, retail positions or administration. Many of these jobs will be entry-level. Being a high school graduate and 18 year of age will be sufficient to apply to them.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Alltel:- Working hours varies by location and job title

Age Eligibility @ Alltel:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Alltel:– Customer service representative, Quality assurance tester, Engineer, telecommunication technicians, Radio field engineers, Sales executives, Financial analyst, Retail sales associates, Human resource managers, Assistant mangers, Service technicians

History:- Alltel came into existence in 1943. It was founded in Little Rock, Arizona. It started as a telecommunication company and entered the wireless domain much later in the year 2005. During modernization, it shifted its corporate headquarter to Hudson, Ohio in the year 1983. In 70 years of operation, it expanded its services to 34 states of the country. It was acquired by the Verizon in 2008. Now the corporate headquarter of the company is in Basking Ridge, New York. Verizon is now a bigger telecom company after it acquired Alltel and some other telecom companies. Its annual revenue is around $60 billion.

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Additional Services:- The Alltel used to provide telecommunication and wireless communication services in 34 U.S. states. These services are still in continuum under the Verizon brand.

Presence:- The Company had mobile services to 34 states. It also operated many customer service centres, call centres and retail stores at various locations.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

Obviously, when you think about a telecommunication company, the jobs in engineering and technical operations are the foremost. There are many technical jobs offered by the company. Many of which are field jobs. A lot of engineers are also required at the mobile switching centres and base stations. Apart from these technical jobs, the company require a lot of staff members at call centres and mobile servicing centres. The candidates can work as customer service representative at the call centres of the company. For the customer service positions, high school education is just sufficient. Of course, the candidates should have excellent communication skills and readiness to work in a tight shift.

The company used to operate a number of retail outlets to market its services. Most of these retail outlets are operational after the acquisition of the company. The individuals can work as retail associates, sales agents and promoters at these retail locations. They can also find management positions and internship at these outlets.

Advantages of Working @ Alltel:

Alltel has been operating a large telecom network. It expanded its services on the shoulders of a diligent and stable staff. It paid competitive pays to all its employees irrespective of their positions and location. The professionals whether in engineering or management departments got high salaries and availed pension, insurance, medical, disability cover, holidays, vacations, sales bonuses and other life-time benefits. The policies are unchanged after the acquisition, and the employees are enjoying the same benefits that they were getting under the brand Alltel.
Alltel Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at Alltel:

  • Why do you want a job in customer service?
  • How should you initiate communication with a caller?
  • Tell us about your academic and sports achievements?
  • How long will you work in this position?
  • Which career advancements do you expect?
  • Why Verizon?
  • Is a job in telecom rewarding? Do you feel so?
  • Tell us about your computer skills?
  • Are you likely to work in a stressful shift?