American Airlines Job Application

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American Airlines ranks second among the US based airlines in terms of miles it covers globally. It has been running in the industry for more than eight decades and it never disappointed its travellers. The airline offers career opportunities in ground maintenance, flight and customer service.

While career opportunities at American Airline can be browsed online, it has been hiring candidates through campus recruitments. You must be lucky if the company visits your college campus and held a drive there. If this is not your first flight job and you are just looking to switch to American Airlines, try the online application process. The job openings are published on the corporate website of the airline –, where you search a suitable job. There may be job openings right now. Check it out and apply now. Then, be ready to face an interview soon.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ American Airlines:- Hours of operation vary by job title.

Age Eligibility @ American Airlines:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ American Airlines:– Staff assistant, Baggage handler, Technical assistant, Aircraft routing technician, Maintenance supervisor, Flight attendant, Pilot, Flight instructor, Tower manager, Cargo worker, Customer service agent, Ramp agent, Reservation clerk

History: American Airline was founded in year 1930. It acquired and merged many small airlines during its corporate history. It adopted the trademark name American Airline after it had merged around 82 smaller airlines to it. It is proud to have Boeing 767, Boeing 777, Boeing MD-80, CRJ-700, Boeing 757, CRJ-200, Boeing 737-800, ERJ-145, ATR-72 aircrafts in its fleet. It is going to update its fleet with Boeing 787 and Airbus A319 in the near future. The airline makes revenues around $20 billion every year. It employs a work-force of around 80,000 workers around the globe.

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Additional Services:- American Airlines have flights throughout America and international flights to Asia, South America, Europe, Australia and Oceania. It offers a number of travel deals in the form of fare sales, vacation packages and special offers. The customers can book cruise, hotels, cars and vacation packages with the airline apart from casual flight bookings.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

What job do you want at American Airline? It has jobs in many different departments. Have your training completed or your internship still going? The company may do a recruitment drive in your campus soon. Most of the jobs offered by the company require obtaining work experience and the job training. There are jobs in customer service that only require you to be 18 or above and nothing else.

In the customer service centres of the company, one may be appointed as service agent, call centre operator or ticket booker. These jobs require one, to have good communication skills and basic knowledge of computers and IT. There are the jobs in ground duties that can also be tried by job seekers.

Advantages of Working @ American Airlines:

The employees in customer service centres work in full-time shifts. They are paid attractive salaries for the work. They have access to special discounts, travel privileges and travel deals. All the employees of the airline whether they are in any department get medical, dental and vision insurance, life insurance, and pension benefits from the first day of their job.
American Airlines Job Application

Job Interview Questions at American Airlines:

  1. How was your internship?
  2. Did you face any challenge during your training?
  3. Why do you like ‘this’ job?
  4. What might you be doing in case you were not in ‘this’ profession?
  5. Any five reasons for which we must appoint you!
  6. Tell us about the latest movie you watched?
  7. Tell about your hobbies?