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The American Apparel company manufactures clothing in United States of America. Apart from being vertically integrated, this clothing manufacturer also works as a wholesaler and a retailer. Creation of designs, along with advertising as well as marketing is performed by the company itself. Almost everything, ranging from pants and denims to vintage clothes can be found in this store of fashion items. The cotton knitwear like T-shirts and undergarments are extremely popular amongst the new generation. A variety of items of clothing is manufactured, along with bedding, makeup, and other fashion and home accessories.

Organization Details

Working Hours – Monday to Saturday: 10:00am to 9:00pm; and on Sundays: 11:00am to 7:00pm.

Age Eligibility – The aspirant must be at least 16 years old.

Career Opportunities   

Senior Finance Coordinator, Sales Associate, Production Coordinator, Planning Assistant, Outlet Store Management, Merchant Order Specialist, Merchandise Planner, Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Sales Associate.


Ironically, in 1989 this fashion store was founded in Canada by Dov Charney, when he was then just twenty years old. He always had a fascination as far as the American culture and also t-shirts were concerned. The business actually began as a side business, but it was converted into a huge corporation by the founder. The store is currently also, expanding into international markets as well.


Additional Services

In the years that have passed, the company has expanded, and many other items like bedding pants, dresses, tank tops, vintage clothing, denims, leggings, pants, leotards, and  nail polish have been included in the list of items for sale on this store. The regular accessories for women, men, babies, children and even dogs, and that too in a variety of colors and prints are available in this fashion store.

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Community Initiatives

Profits are not the only thing to motivate the company. Social reforms are actively pursued here. ‘Legalize LA’, which was a movement carried out for reforms regarding immigration, were materialized by the store. To add on to its community initiatives, a protest in opposition to the recent Prop 8 in California was carried out. The company enhances social changes by advertising heavily so as to promote them.

Environmental Initiatives

It is because of its vertical integration that the company is known as far as favorable changes in sustainability are concerned. ‘Creative Reuse’ is the basic concept followed here and this changes excess cloth from one template to many additional garments. These can be belts, children’s clothing, bathing suit tops, underwear, headbands, bras, and bows. This material, otherwise a throw away, reduces the quantity of fabric needed by the company, to increase its product.

Financial Stature

The annual revenue earned by the company as of the financial year 2010 was $547.34 million.

Job Descriptions & Remuneration

Sales Associate -The sales associate would be providing assistance to the customers that visit the store. Answering the queries with observes to the products obtainable in the store is the basic responsibility of this associate. Apart from helping the customers finding clothing material, special orders to are to be attended by this employee. A general organization of the store also is the duty for the sales associate. The cash register may also be run by this individual, apart from ringing up orders. The average salary for the sales associate comes between $8 and $10 per hour.

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Assistant Manager / Key Holder -An entire shift will have to be watched over by the assistant manager or the key holder. Assigning tasks and assisting with a variety of paperwork at the store also come as responsibilities of the assistant manager. The everyday opening and closing down of the store is the duty of this official whenever performing a late shift. Many other employees who need help would be provided assistance. The average salary earned by this manager is between $9 and $13 per hour.

Store Manager – The responsibility of keeping guard over the activities in the entire store lies on the store manager. Hiring of new employees, assigning of tasks to the appropriate workers, and doing managerial paperwork are also his job duties. In the event of any problems arising in the store, the corporate is to be reported. The average wage for the store manager starts from more than $13 per hour.

Advantages of working@American Apparel

The benefits offered by this fashion store basically depend on the store location. The hiring manager may be consulted to ascertain the provision of the available job benefits. The job perks depend on a number of factors like designation of the employee, his or her qualification and experience, time he or she has spent serving the company and individual performance during the tenure.
American Apparel Application

Job Interview Questions@American Apparel  

  • Please give a very brief introduction about yourself?
  • Which qualities do you have that help you to fit into the job you are applying for?
  • Would you like to get any additional training, with respect to the post applied for?
  • What do you think our stores are famous for in the fashion industry?
  • How would you judge the size of the undergarments of a customer that fits exactly?
  • In your opinion, what are the current, hot trends in fashion?
  • Can you handle cash with responsibility?
  • Tell us about any experience you have regarded book keeping?
  • How would you entertain the customers who seem unwilling while purchasing any item?
  • How would you guess the fashion sense of a customer?
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