American Cruise Lines Job Application

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In the desire to begin an entertainment career in traveling, or simply a nautical profession, and that too with a national cruise line, American Cruise is probably the unique option. The American Cruise is in need of several professional associates and entry level workers, so as to staff full time, as well as part time vacancies.

The American Cruise Lines sails through the rivers and inland waterways of the United States of America. This it does with the six ships of small sizes. It operates the Independent Cruise, the American Spirit, the American Star, the American Glory, the American Eagle, and last but not the least, the Queen of the West. This ship, that is ‘The Queen of the West’ works on paddle-wheels.

The American Cruise has the corporate headquarters in Guilford, CT.

Organization Details

Working Hours  – Open twenty-four hours a day; 7 days a week.

Age Eligibility  – Eighteen years old.

Career Opportunities   

Video Production Specialist, Customer Service Administrator, Inside Sales Associate, Operations Assistant, Telephone Sales Supervisor, Interior Designer and Decorator, Administrative Assistant, Shore Side Assistant Hotel Manager, Captain, Mate, Licensed Launch Operator, Assistant Hotel Manager, Cruise Director, Chef, Steward, Deckhand, Housekeeper, Dishwasher, Galley Steward.


The American Cruise Lines got incorporated in the year 1991. It was the 49-passenger ship named as American Eagle, which was launched in the year 2000. Another ship of the same size American Glory followed it in the year 2002. After this in the year 2005, the American Spirit touched the waters. This ship was capable of carrying twice as many passengers on board as previous ship. The fourth ship carrying the name American Star was launched later in the year 2007. Three years later, Independence, which had active wing stabilizers and a wider beam was launched. It is this wider beam that allows public spaces, private balconies, and larger staterooms. In the year 2010, the authentic paddlewheel cruise ship, called Queen of the West, was acquired by American Cruise Lines, and renovated it after decreasing the capacity equaling 120. This only made the ship decks, lounge, and the dining room more comfortable.

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Jobs Description & Remuneration

Galley Steward – This individual belongs to the Gallery Department. His duties include inspections, maintaining standard procedures, cost control, waste disposal, public health and hygiene, maintaining the equipment and keeping it in good working condition. This position gets $38,000 per year as average salary.

Captain – On board, the captain receives top class private accommodation, satellite television, in-suite head, etc. The spouse of the captain is also welcome. With reference to gaining experience or retirement, this is an ideal position. The ability to fluently interact with wealthy and well educated individuals should be the quality possessed by the ideal captain.  Apart from safe navigation of vessels, the captain should be capable of all docking, undocking, as well as maneuvering of the vessel. He is responsible for supervising, and taking care of the administrative functions, which include reports and log. The captain gets an annual salary close to $51,000 annually.

Cruise Director – The primary duty of a cruise director is to go beyond the expectations of the guests. He provides them extensive information about the port and keeps them aware of all the tours and activities of the ship. Passenger events on board are coordinated and organized by this individual. He caters the guests and in the end, makes each cruising experience exceptional. The cruise director gets an annual salary of $39,000 per year.

Advantages of working@American Cruise Lines

The employees at the American Cruise Lines enjoy many work benefits such as competitive pay rates, paid training, and flexible scheduling. The workers, who are eligible, can receive job benefits, which include 401 (k) retirement advantages, employment perks, and health insurance too.
American Cruise Lines Application

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Job Interview Questions@American Cruise Lines

  • How will you combat or deal with sea sickness, which is so common in this profession?
  • How can you manage time off when on the dock?
  • Can you manage to work when you get a staff of people from various nations?
  • Do you mind sharing the same quarter with another crew member, if situations arise?
  • Do you have any good or unpleasant experience of cruising?