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American Medical Response Inc., also recognized as AMR olds an important position amongst the fastest and largest medical transportation service providers within the United States. AMR offers special features to its countrymen on medical grounds, such as non-emergency transport services, managed transportation services, emergency response, air ambulance services, paramedic and EMT training, dispatch services and event medical services.

The company is also admired for its mobile healthcare services which include on-site EMS for companies at remote sites, occupational health services to employers, fixed wing air ambulance services and on-site medical care. Additionally, here you will find paramedic as well as EMS education facilities. Detailed information can be successfully gathered by clicking of job application form.

Organization Details:

Working Hours@: The healthcare store is open for 24 hours and 7 days in a week.

Age Eligibility@: After completing 18 years or more, you can start pursuing job here.

Career Opportunities @ American Medical Response: Following are the job options you can look for- Sales Representative, Coding Representative, Account Executive, Paramedic, Customer Service Representative, Client Administrator, Correspondence Representative, Recruiting Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Billing Coordinator, Scheduler, Credentialing Support Specialist, Reimbursement Supervisor, Payroll Coordinator, Clinical Services Coordinator, Database Administrator, Computer Operator, Emergency Medical Technician, Financial Analyst, Dispatcher, Driver, Enrolment Specialist, Human Resources Generalist, Medical Biller, Mechanic Associate, Instructor, Staff Accountant, Payroll and Benefits Coordinator, Field Supervisor, Medicare Representative, Finance Manger, Physician, Insurance Representative, Service Technician, Transport Coordinator, Discharge Call Back Representative and Nurse.

History: American Medical Response was opened in year 1992. The store was after various well-established local ambulance suppliers merge under a single name. The company started expanding in year 1997 after reconciling with Med Trans. With this deal the brand became the largest source of supplying ambulance facility across whole United States.

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Again in 2005, AMR and its sister company EmCare, was purchased by AMR management and Onex Partners L.P. They acquired both the companies from Laidlaw International. Moreover, in 2006, American Medical Response procured Air Ambulance Specialists. It is one of the largest national as well as international air ambulance service providers.

Presence: American Medical Response Inc., is a domestic operating organization. The brand has established its chain outlets approaching 42 locations and the District of Columbia as well across the United States. Areas covered by the brand includes: Alabama, Michigan, Lowa, California, Kansas, Rhode Island, Maine, Maryland, Oregon, Colorado, Indiana, New Mexico and New York.

Additional Services: AMR functions in American markets with more than 4,000 vehicles on duty. The organization offers the best emergency and non-emergency medical facilities. Every patient within this healthcare centre receives treatment based on three specific pillars, such as caregiver inspired, patient focused and customer cantered.

Community Initiatives: AMR organization works for the betterment of several communities with open hearts. Out of various events organized by the company, more than 58,000 students (in Southern California) successfully completed their graduation through Jr. Paramedic program.

AMR employees from past ten years in Connecticut constantly distributing thousands of toys every year to help underserved children.

Financial Stature: The company is headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado. Approximately 17,000 EMTs, paramedics, doctors, nurses and other support staff attend over 4 million patients across whole nation in emergency, non-emergency and critical situations. With the second quarter ending 2012, AMR’s net profit was recorded to $332.2 million. This revenue was 8.6% less than previous year.

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Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration:

American Medical Response as a leading employer offers rewarding career opportunities to all its employees. Applicants looking for fresh start may find AMR the best possible option available for them. Here are few positions you can apply for.

Sales Representative- A sales representative in medical industry acts as a bridge between medical companies and healthcare professionals. Sales associates generally sell various companies products, such as medicines, medical equipment and prescription drugs. Additionally, they assure the patients about the company’s products and their advantages.

Sales representative for their variety of job tasks earn an annual salary of $100,000 to $250,000. The salary can vary depending upon experience and location.

Customer Service Representative- As an entry level job, customer service representative is responsible for satisfying customers with all their needs and quarries. He/she respond to telephone inquiries according to company policies and procedures. This position is related to 24-hours call centre department. Customer Service associates receives an annual pay of $20,000 to $30,000.

Administrative Assistant- Applicants when hired as administrative assistant would be required to perform several job roles. Here you will be applicable to report to Chief Financial Officer, Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer as well as few other higher executives. In order to perform high level activities, you must possess strong administrative, organizational supervisory and analytical skills.

Additionally, all employees should have hands on practice over computer basics. Annual income package of these executives starts from $30,000 and goes up till $50,000.

Advantages of working @ American Medical Response:

AMR organization cherishes its employees by offering exceptional employment benefits to them. Both full time plus part time associates can feel joy in using these facilities. List of job benefits include: 401(k) retirement plan, paid time off, educational assistance, certified training courses, expense accounts, complete health and wellness plan, competitive base pay, tuition reimbursement and personal accident insurance.
American Medical Response

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Job Interview Questions for American Medical

Response: Below are some questions you must review before walking into the interview room.

  • Explain about yourself in detail.
  • What are the important aspects of healthcare industry?
  • How will you help a person in emergency?
  • Explain healthcare sector in your own words.
  • Describe the reasons you opted for healthcare industry as career.
  • How will you adjust yourself with shift timinings?
  • What advantages are you looking forward from the organization?