Armstrong Job Application

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Armstrong telecom has successfully established itself as a leading telecom services provider. The company is working for 60 years and is serving in the telecommunication and mobile communication services for a long time. There are job opportunities to join this industry leader right now.

The candidates, who want to join as an employee in this telecom company, should contact its corporate offices at Manhattan and Binghamton. The employment application form is not available online. The individuals can find work in the engineering, technical operations, customer service, retail operations and call centres. Excluding the jobs in engineering and management departments, other departments have many entry-level jobs to offer. The individuals can join as customer service associate, call centre operator and customer service manager in the call centres of the company. Similarly, there are other entry works in various departments.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Armstrong:- Working hours varies by job location and title

Age Eligibility @ Armstrong:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Armstrong:– Telecommunication analyst, Customer service associate, Maintenance technician, Financial analyst, Retail sales associates, Call centre operators, Telecommunication engineers

History:- The Company was founded in the year 1989. It has been providing telecommunication services in Ohio, Maryland, Kentucky, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. It has been operating as a private telecom company. It also provides internet services and other mobile related services.

Additional Services:- It has not been long for Armstrong in the telecom industry. Still, it has managed to expand its services to many states of the country. It is consistently growing and introducing more services year after year.

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Presence:- The telecom services provided by the company are available in Maryland, Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The corporate headquarter of the company is in Binghamton and Manhattan.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

Armstrong is a leading mobile communication company. It is hiring telecommunication engineers and technicians on a regular basis. The engineers and technicians find work in the mobile switching centres, base stations and field locations. The candidates having done graduation in electronics and telecommunication engineering or radio engineering can join at these technical positions. The candidates having done diploma from a related stream can find a job of a technician or junior field engineer. A number of technical jobs, related to network administration and computer science, are offered at the regional offices and call centres of the company.

The non-science candidates can search employment in the customer service and retail operations of the company. The minimum educational requirement for joining in these departments is a high school diploma. The ambitious candidates should seek employment in management or sales and marketing.

Advantages of Working @ Armstrong:

Working with a telecom leader like Armstrong is rewarding and challenging. The employees have to work hard and get lots of things to learn. They are paid attractive salaries, which increases annually or with the promotions. If you are working hard, you will get promotions in short periods of time. The employees get numerous other perks as well like a pension plan, health, life insurance, medical facilities and healthcare benefits. The workers appointed on professional job positions enjoy holidays and paid leaves.
Armstrong Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at Armstrong:

  • Tell us about your experience in the telecom industry?
  • Tell about the challenges you faced in this industry?
  • Does a customer service job suits your personality?
  • How are better than other applicants?
  • Why do you want to work with us?
  • What are your future plans?
  • Will you stay with the company for long?
  • What are good qualities in you?