Army and Air Force Exchange Services Job Application

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The Army-Air Force Exchange-Services (AAFES) is an organization formed to support Air Force and Army personnel. The agency has two main objectives. First is to provide merchandise to U.S. soldiers wherever they are, and second to support the soldiers financially and morally.

The AAFES does not provide any employment application. There are many career options available with the organization and can be approached by any individual above 16 years in age. According to latest statistics, around 55,000 individuals are serving the organization. More than 90 percent of them belongs to family of soldiers in United States Army or Air Force. The other are the active personnel of the defence forces, who serve the organization off-duty or the part-time. It will be exiting to aid the defence personnel this way besides it is an extremely rewarding job.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Army and Air Force Exchange Services:- Working hours varies by location

Age Eligibility:- 16 years old

Career Opportunities @ Army and Air Force Exchange Services:– Office assistant, Store associate, Visual merchandiser, Maintenance mechanic, Inventory control associate, Dispatcher, Auto worker, Security assistant, Warehouse worker, Store manager, Accounting assistant, Food service associate, Payroll assistant, Human resource executive, Materials handler, Loss prevention manager, Assistant store manager, Forklift operator, Motor vehicle operator, Customer service representative, Data entry clerk, Logistics assistant

History:- The agency was formed in 1895. It was formed to supply merchandise and services to the personnel in United States Army and Air Force. The organization has lived by its mission and many active personnel now serve it during off-duty or part-time. There are more than 3000 stores of the agency operational.

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Additional Services:- The facilities operated by the agency sells every sort of merchandise from retail products, clothes to movies and entertainment devices. The consumer electronics devices and motor vehicles are also put on sales in these stores.

Presence:- These stores operate in all states and territories of the country. The stores are also operational overseas and can be found in several European nations and Japan, Korea and Hawaii.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

There are retail jobs offered at the facilities run by the AAFES. The candidates, who are 16 years old, can join at entry-level positions like visual merchandiser, sales associate or food service associate. The associates have to perform different duties according to their job designation. For instance, sales associates initiate interaction with new arrivals and relay information about products and prices to them. Visual merchandisers tally stock records and analyse sales trends. The food service associates are employed at many locations where food outlets are operational along with the shopping store.

Many jobs require applicants possessing specific education or qualification. For example, only the candidates knowing some accounting software can join at a cashier or accounting executive positions. There are also some job positions offered in the management and operations management. A job in management in the agency may offer a chance to work abroad.

Advantages of Working @ Army and Air Force Exchange Services:

Most of the workers who engage in services of this agency are part-time workers. They are relatives of men in uniform or active army or air force personnel themselves. They are able to earn additional income through a job with the organization. They receive wages according to the number of hours they serve. Many employees are salaried and offered competitive job benefits like in any other full-time job. They access retirement plan, life insurance and healthcare facilities. The full-time associates are generally the management personnel.
Army and Air Force Services
Job Interview Questions at Army and Air Force Exchange Services:

  • Please tell about yourself?
  • Do you have any retail experience?
  • Which time of the day you will serve the facility?
  • Why are you joining the agency?
  • What inspired you to serve defence forces?
  • Are you in active duty?
  • Which year are you going to retire?
  • Are you aware of the mission of this organization?
  • Do you have organizational and leadership skills?
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