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United States Army is one of the three among departments of defence and one of the seven among uniformed services. Presently, around 1.1 million active and reserve personnel are serving the force. Army is the largest force by the number of soldiers. It carries out land based military operations and sustains land dominance during wars.

The army recruits new soldiers and other personnel every day. The youth interested in joining the army have online convenience now. They can apply to an army career on Create an account on the website. During the account creation process, you will have to tell about your background, abilities and interests. Explore the career opportunities and search available jobs. Prioritize your job preference and complete the online application. The vacancies may open anytime. Considering your online application, the a4rmy recruiter nearest to you will contact and call you to pass an interview and physical test. The selected candidates first go through basic combat training and then proceed with advanced trainings according to the speciality they choose or are assigned.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Army:- The soldiers have to follow a routine (when there is not a war time) that may change time to time

Age Eligibility @ Army:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Army:– Infantry soldier, Air defence artillery officer, Armour officer, Field artillery officer, Special forces engineer sergeant, Special forces medical sergeant, Automated logistics specialist, Civil affairs officers, Cryptologist linguist, Fire control repairer, Intelligence analyst, Military intelligence officer, Ordnance officer, Radar repairer, Signal intelligence analyst, Watercraft operator, Combat engineer, Construction equipment repairer, Geospatial engineer, Technical engineer, Water treatment specialist, Chaplain, Financial management technician, Human resources officer

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History:- United States Army evolved from the Continental Army during American Revolution. During 18th century, it fought many wars and carried out several operations on the American soil. During 19th century, it participated in first and second world war. In 1950, it engaged in the civil war between North and the South Korea. In late 1950s, it launched a war in Vietnam leading to the formation of Republic of Vietnam. The war continued for 16 years. In early, 1990s, the U.S. army fought gulf war, thus liberating Kuwait. After 9/11 it launched a war in Afghanistan in 2001 in search of the 9/11 mastermind – Osama Bin Laden. The U.S. troops are about to come back from Afghanistan by 2014. Just after the beginning of Afghanistan war, it fought a war in Iraq overthrowing the Iraqi dictator – Saddam Hussein.

By the time, US Army has been modernising the force with latest technologies. It has been focusing to develop unmanned war techniques. The result of using advanced technologies by the forces is that the number of casualties in subsequent wars has reduced, and American forces are able to afford long wars.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

There are many career tracks that an individual can choose while joining the army. The army personnel trained to combat in war find a place in infantry or artillery. The artillery department also requires combat engineers and medical assistants to aide in various tasks during a war. As the forces have been fighting wars on foreign soils, army requires linguists to communicate with the locals. There are also many jobs in healthcare, law and logistics. The candidates having a technical background and aptitude are often employed in artillery or combat engineering, whereas candidates having graduated from other streams are often recruited in infantry or a branch matching their specialty.

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There are certain obvious requirements for joining the U.S. army. A candidate should not have more than two dependants. He/she should not have engaged in any criminal activity or have a drug addiction. The recruiters conduct a background check and personality test before hiring any individual at any position. There is a rigorous selection procedure that includes a written test, physical test, personality test and medical check up. A candidate can be rejected on medical ground despite he would have passed all the selection tests. So, be mentally and physically prepared before you apply to an army job. The minimum age requirement is 18 years. The upper age limit to join United States Army is 35 years.

Advantages of Working @ Army:

One does not join the army for monetary benefits. It is a prestigious job and being a soldier is pride itself. The state takes care of the army personnel and tries pay back them for their patriotism (which is never actually possible). To count among job benefits, army personnel at all ranks get attractive pay rates. They are given food allowances and tax-free housing. About 10 percent of their salary adds to the retirement fund, hence securing their future after retirement. The children of Army personnel get free education in army schools.
Army Job Application

Job Interview Questions at Army:

  • Where are you from?
  • Give your introduction?
  • Why do you want to join the army?
  • Is Army’s job fun?
  • Do not you have any criminal background?
  • Have you ever used drugs?
  • How will you manage adversity?
  • Describe your failures and achievements?
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