Asiana Airlines Job Application

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Is flying to Asia exciting? If yes, the South Korea based Asiana Airline is the best workplace for you. A flight job in Asiana will let you board to more than 20 countries around the world. The airline has been doing hires at different positions in flight, customer care and ground duties.

You will be a bit disappointed because Asiana job application is not accessible online. You will have to keep an eye on classifieds and job sites to find a job opening in the airline. The recruitments are sometimes done through campus placements, though not necessarily always. Asiana is ready to welcome all types of candidates both experienced and fresher. It has vacancies at different levels and different positions. You might have started your career just now, or you are a professional, you have the employment chances at Asiana.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Asiana Airlines:- working hours vary by job title

Age Eligibility @ Asiana Airlines:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Asiana Airlines:– Travel agent, Pilot, Baggage handler, Airline flight instructor, Flight attendant, Cabin crew member, Customer service agent, Aviation meteorologist, Co-pilot, Air traffic controller, Operations agent, Airline station agent, Flight dispatcher, Aircraft technician

History:- Asiana Airline is a subsidiary of Asiana Airline Inc. The part company is a business division of Star Alliance Group. The company is based in South Korea. It has  the workforce of more than 8000 employees. Last year, it generated revenue of around $3.9 billion. The airline operates flights on 13 domestic routes and international flights to more than 20 countries in Asia, Europe and America. There are 60 aircrafts in the fleet of this airline.

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Additional Services:- Asiana operates flights to China, Japan, Korea, United States, Russia, European countries and Oceania. There are also flights for Southeast Asian countries.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

Asiana has several jobs to offer. It is offering job opportunities in flight, aircraft maintenance, ground jobs and customer service.  For flight jobs, approved training programs are the only route to job. The candidates should have gone through a training program from a recognized academy and completed their internship. Those candidates, are seeking a job as pilot, must have obtained a pilot license.

The job opportunities in engineering and maintenance can be availed by satisfying the technical qualification. The interested candidates should have completed a technical course in electronics and aviation. They should have obtained additional education in related subject, which they want to excel.

The customer service jobs are offered to any candidate, who has passed high school and knows minimum computer operations. The individuals can find employment as ticket sales agent, booking agent, customer care representative or travel advisor in this department.

There are also many jobs in ground duties like ramp agent, air traffic controller, cargo worker, baggage handler etc. These jobs can be achieved with minimum educational qualification and no experience.

Advantages of Working @ Asiana Airlines:

Airlines offer no cheap job. What you get as salaries is always greater than any other industry could offer! The non-monetary benefits like retirement plan, disability cover, healthcare, dental and vision insurance are offered from the date of joining onwards. Much exciting are the variety of discount coupons offered to employees. Travel privileges are one to count most important. All these benefits substantially vary by job position, time spent in service, and locations.

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Asiana Airlines Job Application

Job Interview Questions at Asiana Airlines:

  • Why Asiana Airline?
  • How is Asiana different from other airlines?
  • What has been your previous job experience?
  • What motivated you most in this profession?
  • Why did you leave past job?
  • Which is your favourite sport?
  • Is travelling fun for you?
  • Which foreign languages have you learned?