Aspen Dental Job Application

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Aspen Dental Management Inc., is situated at Delaware Corporation. The company feature hands on dental care solutions. The brand is eminent in general public as well as businesses for providing high quality denture care plus cosmetic dentistry. In addition to this, Aspen Dental proudly supports a vast range of dental institutes throughout United States.

Aspen Dental had become a renowned name in dentistry field. The company’s success has been a volatile growth that led the management to centre one chain outlet every week. The organization is based on five core pillars in order to enhance performance as well as motivate patient care. These pillars are: 1) Quality Service, 2) Teamwork, 3) Access to Care, 4) Comprehensive Care and 5) Training.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @: Aspen Dental works at different time at all location. Generally, the store remains close on Saturday and Sunday.

Age Eligibility @: The medical store Aspen Dental only appoints candidates who have completed 18 year or above it.

Career Opportunities @ Aspen Dental: Available careers for your reference: Dental Assistant, Health Physical Therapist, Dentist, Territory Sales Manager, Physical Therapist, Receptionist, Front Office Coordinator, Rehab Technician,  Personal Care Aide, Travelling Retail Supervisor, Customer Service Representative, Physical Therapist Assistant, Scheduler, Central Billing Office Director, General Manager, Office Manager, Insurance Verification Specialist, Lab Journeyperson, Client Care Coordinator, Human Resources Manager, Companion, Sales Associate, Optical Assistant and Retail Supervisor.

History: History of Aspen Dental organization can be studied from year 1964. The company was inaugurated in Syracuse, New York. It was opened near Upstate Dental lab. The dental lab merged its services with centralized management services in 1981 in order to setup new dental practices.

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The brand was again purchased by Upstate Family Denture Services, Inc. This deal helped the company to regenerate as Upstate Dental Management, LLC in year 1997. Currently, the brand is operated by Leonard Green & Partners.

Presence: Aspen Dental is presently working in 21 states of America which includes: Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Connecticut, Arizona, Illinois, Maine, Kentucky, Indiana, Oregon, New Hampshire, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Washington, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin and South Carolina.

Additional Services: Besides a lot of things discussed above, the company includes some more additional features. The brand strongly works practices for: 1) The procurement of necessary supplies and equipment, 2) Billing and collections, 3) Built-in network of patient referrals and 4) The support of experienced and dedicated assistants.

Financial Stature: Sharing the list amongst the top leaders in dental industry, Aspen Dental operates with a team of approximately 3,000 employees covering all locations. The company functions in the hands private equity. It is headquartered in DeWitt in New York. As per the reports of 2010, Aspen Dental had recorded assets of more than $9 billion under management.

Jobs Descriptions& Remuneration:

Pursuing career in medical industry is totally different from other organizations. It requires exceptionally well communication as well as interpersonal skills. All employees here need to be flexible enough to perform in shifts. The company regularly hire employees on entry and middle level positions. Presently, you can apply for the following designations.

Regional Sales Manager- A Regional Sales Manager is normally responsible for maintaining as well as operating extensive strategies with a view to increase the number of admissions and strengthens the relationships with esteemed customers and clients. Moreover, the manager is also liable for maintaining a professional environment within the company. Sales Manager earns an annual income of $25,000 to $35,000.

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Front Office Coordinator- Applicants appointed on this position are responsible for operating front office operations, such as data entry, updating patient’s records. Associates on this position should possess strong computes as well as communication skills. They also need to handle telephone quarries. Front office Associates are appointed on basic competitive salary of $15 o $20 per hour.

Advantages of working @ Aspen Dental:

Employees working at Aspen Dental enjoy enormous job facilities. These benefits strongly encourage all workers to serve the organization with their full strength. These facilities slightly differ according to job position and years of experience. The list of advantages starts from: paid vacation, 401(k) retirement assistance, Flexible Spending Account, job perks, Life Insurance, Employee Discounts, healthcare, Employee Assistance Program, Child Care Flexible Spending Account, Comprehensive Medical, Dental Discount Program, Disability Insurance and Professional Malpractice Insurance as well as.
Aspen Dental Job Application
Job Interview Questions for Aspen Dental: It is advised to read the below mentioned questions before applying for any interview.

  • Explain your educational background in detail.
  • Describe your daily work schedule.
  • Are you ready to work even after shift ends or on weekends?
  • How flexible are you working in night shifts?
  • What special kills are required to work in medical industry?
  • “Medical industry scores top position in the life of general public” Can you elaborate?
  • As medical associate what special role will you play for healthy living of your customer?