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Everyone knows about AT&T. The telecommunication company was founded when Alexander Graham Bell first invented a telephone. The telecommunication was introduced to the world by this company. The industry came into existence only after that. Today the AT&T is a telecommunication giant and is operating research activities in a number of other fields.

There are myriads of jobs available in this company. It employs more than 250,000 workers around the world. It is a technology company, whose contributions are recorded in the history. The candidates, who want become part of this prestigious enterprise, can apply to it online. The career options can be accessed at the website of the company. Visit the website and move forward to its career page. Find a job for you and apply to it.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ AT&T:- Working hours varies by job title

Age Eligibility @ AT&T:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ AT&T:– Sales support representative, Information technology consultants, Technical writers, Research associates, Engineers, retail sales consultants, Network engineers, Marketing managers, Customer service representatives, Facility technicians, Project managers, Financial analyst, Human resource managers

History:- AT&T was founded in 1876 with the invention of telephone by Graham bell. The company emerged as the largest telecommunication provider in the country. It has been continuing its research and development activities. That is why, it is still a significant market competitor in the telecommunications and other technological sectors in which and it operates. It was renamed SBC communication in 1990s but reverted back to AT&T name in 2005.

Additional Services:- This is a telecommunication services provider. It has been actively providing services related to mobile communication, broadband, messaging, and internet services. It is also involved in the manufacturing of mobile and navigation devices.

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Presence:- The AT&T operates a telecom network throughout United States. It has been running research activities in many countries.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

You need not be necessarily a technical graduate for working in a technology company. The AT&T requires staff in various departments from customer service and retail operations to sales and marketing. The jobs in research, engineering and sales and marketing are the high pay jobs while the jobs in customer service and retail operations are also rewarding. One needs to be a technical graduate from an associated stream to work in a technical position. He/she may require going through some training programs before confirmation of their appointment. The recruitments in the engineering and research fields are done on a regular basis by the company.

There are several job opportunities in the retail operations, sales, and customer service operations of the company. They can join as customer service assistants as an entry-level worker. Similarly, they can join as retail associate in the retail operations department of the company. The entry-level workers get fair career advancement opportunities and have promotions depending upon their performance.

Advantages of Working @ AT&T:

It would be a dream for many to work with a company that created history. The employees are recruited after tough selection processes and are offered attractive salary packages. The part-time positions are not available in any department. The workers enjoy a high base pay and get access to numerous job benefits like life insurance, 401(K) plan, health facilities and medical reimbursements. They also get bonuses and incentives in sales and marketing positions.
AT&T Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at AT&T:

  • Why AT&T?
  • Whom do you consider AT&T’s competitors?
  • What do you know about the history of company?
  • How does your qualities outshine for this job position?
  • How long do you commit to work with the company?
  • Are you hard-working?
  • Tell us about some challenging situation you faced in life?