Automotive Mechanic Resume

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The responsibility of troubleshooting engine, electrical, and mechanical enigmas and problems associated with automobiles is carried by the automotive mechanic.  In addition to these, he also has to work towards repairing and detecting the problems associated with vehicular engines. The vast boom in the technology sector has created additional wants to crop up.

This also refers to the introduction of computer systems in cars, which requires auto mechanics to be acknowledged with the understanding of electronics. It is unimportant whether you possess experience or you are just at the entry level of the hierarchy. A resume that is well written and organized plays the vital role when you apply for the position of an auto mechanic. We can have a look at the following resume and be aware as to what should be the ingredients of the resume.

Automotive Mechanic Resume

James Peterson
111, Newport Court,
California Gardens, AX 39924
(969) 999-666-9696


An individual who is self motivated and holding diversified knowledge about maintenance and repair of various automobiles; holds the ability of performing repair works related to the electronic components of automobiles and opening up the engines. Carry the capability of managing workshops and making time tables for perform repair works on incoming vehicles. Efficient in handling the problems of customer services and give them the rough estimates of the final bill.

Professional Experience

Master Mechanic (Automotive)               March 2009 – present
Auto Hangout Shop, Costa Rica, Canada    


Made an extensive use of the most modern equipments while analysing the defects in any particular vehicle

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Thoroughly checked the vehicles so that the degree of damages and the extent of repairs can be calculated

Provided an extensive training to the mechanics and made them aware of the current techniques as well as the manuals of automobiles floating in the market

Scrutinize the schedules of services of vehicles daily appearing at the shop

Keeping in contact with the respective customers and discussing with them the details related with the trouble faced by the vehicle as well as the repairs required to be performed

Arranged for the maintenance services related to vehicles, such as tune-ups, lubrication, and the timely change of oil

Performed works of repairs as well as services for parts of vehicles such as electronic systems, engine cooling, heating, as also air conditioning

The performance specifications as laid by the manufacturers were obeyed while testing and adjusting the repaired systems 

Made a specific time table for workload regarding the mechanics working in the shop

Maintenance Mechanic                May 2004– February 2009
Huge Automobiles Repairing Center, Utah, CA


Maintained the machinery and equipments on a day to day basis, thus ensuring the perfect working condition of each part

Tested and performed the essential repair on components regarding the working machinery and the equipments that had undergone damage 

Associate Mechanic March 1999 – June 2002
Mega Max Auto Shop, California, CA      


Regulated and at the same time, controlled the machining as per the specifications required by the parts

Used machine tools like milling machines, grinders, lathes, or shapers to specify machined parts

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Provided assistance while holding fixtures, attachments, materials, and aligning the joints

Enhanced the knowledge of using mathematics along with various instruments like vernier calipers and micrometers

Made an effective use of all the advanced and fundamental tools for the extensive process of repairing and maintenance of vehicles

Performed a quality test on repaired units before handing over the vehicle to the concerned customer

Performed the necessary deeds of regulating and controlling of the machinery as specified by the company

Educational Qualifications

Masters in Automotive Engineering, University Of Canada, 1995

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Automotive Engineering, University Of California, 1993   

Acquired Skills

Capable of administering commands and managing an auto repair shop

Adequate knowledge of computer operation and other skills

Progressively skilled in working with tools, and many other types of machines.


Member of the Car Repair Service Association  

Member of Automobile Maintenance Association