Babysitting Job Description for Resume

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Coming up is the babysitting job description written for resume. You must add this job description along with your resume and the relevant keywords.

You may make a selection of five to six statements, which are most ideal and can be related to requirements of the employer.

In the light of you possessing experience working as a babysitter, you can change the phrases into past tense.


Job Description for Babysitting Resume

  • Planning, preparing and arranging nutritious meals prepared for kids.
  • Bathe and  dress-up kids
  • Maintain cleanliness in the areas of dining after the meals have been taken
  • Strictly follow the rules related to dieting within the family
  • Maintain the list of grocery  
  • Change and keep the children’s towels, sheets and clothes sanitized and clean
  • Ironing of children’s clothes
  • Do the shopping for children as instructed by their parents
  • Carrying out the laundry for children
  •  Accompanying the children in activity clubs and parks for recreation
  •  Keeping the children’s bathrooms in order all through the working hours
  • Perform jobs related to children every day as instructed by the parents
  • Transporting the children to and from the bus stop or the school
  • Organization of activities related to play group and getting together with the children of the neighbourhood
  • Preparing and packing the lunches for children
  • Vacuuming the rooms and areas, which are used by the children
  • Aligning and organizing the children’s play areas and bedroom
  • Supervising the children’s activities when they are in their rooms or using the play areas
  • Walk the dog at evenings, and take care for the other pets at home
  • Managing the laundry of the family as a whole (like towels /sheets and other linens)
  • Carrying out shopping for grocery and run the vital errands
  • Overseeing and assisting the children with their homework
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