Badcock Furniture Application

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The Badcock Home Furniture has a chain of stores involving home furnishings. The stores are located all across the United States of America. These stores are well known for a wide range of merchandise added to exceptional services provided to the customers. Apart from selling name brand items, the stores also keep off brand merchandise. The specialty of the chain rests in accessories of home furnishings, appliances, electronics, mattresses, and furniture.

This company is among the largest retailers in the industry of home furniture.

Organization Details

Working Hours  – Monday to Saturday: 9:00am to 6:00pm; and on Sundays: 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Age Eligibility  – Eighteen years old.

Career Opportunities   

Retail Manager in Training, Traveling Inventory Analyst, Benefits Coordinator, Instructional Designer, Receiving Supervisor, Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Store Associate, Sales Associate.


The foundation of the Badcock Home Furniture was laid in the early years of the 1900s. The store now runs home furnishing store chains which find locations all through the United States. Being a company that is privately owned, the corporate headquarters of this company is placed in Mulberry, Florida. Most of the locations of the company have individual ownership. In the year 2000, the Badcock Furniture initiated the ‘Badcock & More’ chain. There are plans underway of further expanding it as a new opportunity of franchise in the approaching future.


There is  presence of a number exceeding three hundred stores of Badcock in eight states of America.

Additional Services

Customers are presented with complete diversity of bedding, furniture, floor covering, electronics, appliances, and other accessories.

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Financial Stature

This retail chain employs about 1,200 associates all over the United States of America.

Job Descriptions & Remuneration

Dealer Advisor – The responsibility of consulting as well as directing the associate dealers so as to uncover performance of high level is the prime duty of this individual. This person also puts into practice the achievement plans for embracing development and training, and the supervised and organized performance goals for all stores occurring in the allocated country. This individual must have a High School – Diploma or GED Preferred: Associate Degree. The average salary for this position is close to $17.05 per hour.

Instructional Designer – This position holds the responsibility of separately working while consulting experts of the subject matter so as to author, and design before applying and estimating the learning solutions. This is to boost the organizational, as well as individual performance. The aspirant must possess a Bachelors Degree which should be linked with the discipline. The average salary for the Instructional Designer comes to be close to $39,833 per year.

Traveling Appliance Service Representative – The basic requirement for the Traveling Appliance Service Representative involves traveling to stores, working along with sales associates and dealers. These dealers must be concerning training of electronic products and appliances, in addition to extensive warranties. Further, this representative is required to assist the store as far as electronics, full features related to the appliance, garden and lawn products, and sales and services are concerned. The education requirements are minimum High School Diploma/ GED. Preference is for one year of college or Technical School. The average salary for the Traveling Appliance Service Representative is $15.86 per hour.

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Advantages of working@Badcock Furniture

The company is proud of providing some competitive benefit packages for its workers. Apart from an access to insurance policies like visual, dental, and medical coverage, there are retirement options provided, which include 401(k) employer matched funds for retirement, sick days and paid vacations, an employee assistance program and product discount, as well. Within the work area, there is a provision of many advancement and training options. The details of these services may vary depending on the stores because they are owned separately. The added advantage is also that one can even begin a Badcock Furniture store, and later on, the Badcock Furniture applications may be accepted by the aspirant himself or herself.
Badcock Furniture Job Application

Job Interview Questions for Badcock Furniture

  • How would you persuade a customer to buy more from the store?
  • Do you possess any knowledge regarding the operation of the forklift?
  • Can you afford to stand for a long time without taking breaks?
  • How would you occupy yourself in case of slow business?
  • Can you soberly handle a situation, wherein a customer cannot pay the full value of the furniture selected by him?
  • At your place of residence, where do you enjoy spending your free time?
  • Can you work on or operate the forklift?