Bang and Olufsen Job Application

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Bang and Olufsen is a popular audio brand. The company operates a business in United States, Denmark, China, Germany, and Malaysia. Originally a company based in Czech Republic, it runs several retail stores in United States.

The job application of Bang and Olufsen is conveniently placed online. Visit the company’s official site – and click the career link. Select your country and search jobs in the job listing. There are several entry-level retail jobs than do not require much education and can be applied by any one above 16 years of age. This will surely raise some decibel points in your career.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Bang and Olufsen:- Monday-Saturday: 10:00AM-9:00PM; Sunday: 12:00PM-6:00PM

Age Eligibility @ Bang and Olufsen:- 16 years old

Career Opportunities @ Bang and Olufsen:– Sales and marketing consultant, Sales associate, Design engineer, Designer, Assistant store manager, Project sales manager, Procurement planner, Store manager, Project manager, Purchaser, Sales executive, Key account manager, Product installer, Electronics design engineer, Marketing manager, Product technician, Supplier quality engineer

History:- Svend Olufsen and Peter bang founded this company in the year 1926. It is a Denmark based company which started with a factory in Czech Republic. It is a manufacturer of high quality audio equipments, telephones and televisions. The products from the company are sold at several retail chains including Apple stores. It also maintains its own stores at several locations in United States.

Additional Services:- The Company used to supply sound recording systems to the film industry. The speakers manufactured by it are used by military trucks. Presently, it is manufacturing and retailing high-end audio systems, mp3 players, speakers and other home audio systems.

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Presence:- Bang-Olufsen retails its products through other electronics retailers. It has started opening its own stores recently. Presently, in United States, there are 12 stores. There are also stores in several other countries.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

These stores are filling retail positions. The individuals can join as retail associates, sales representatives, technical associates and managers. Retail associates perform laborious jobs like loading merchandise, unloading and arranging items in the store, sorting out physically damaged items and keeping hygiene and cleanliness in the store. Sales representatives handle accounts, update databases, and process bills. They explain instalment plans if applicable and available. The sales representatives keep records of daily sales and report to the store manager. There is hiring of technical associates. They guide customers in troubleshooting problems and perform repairing jobs.

The job of a manager involve duties like scheduling work, hiring associates, checking accounts, supervising sales, and carrying out financial transactions. They could be appointed as store leader, assistant manager or general store manager.

Advantages of Working @ Bang and Olufsen:

There are several advantages offered by these stores. The workers can choose to work part-time or full-time. They can access flex schedules and get standard wages. The employees in career positions avail pension plan, insurance, health benefits, healthcare, life insurance, medical cover, dental and vision and paid leaves. There are provisions of paid time-off, incentives and anniversary gifts. Eligible employees are provided job trainings and career advancement options.
Bang and Olufsen Job Application

Job Interview Questions at Bang and Olufsen:

  • Why Bang and Olufsen?
  • Tell us about your retail experience?
  • Which subjects were you having in school?
  • Which was your favourite subject in school?
  • Why are you interested in this job?
  • How long would you continue here?
  • How will you help increase sales?
  • Why should we hire you?
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