Barnes & Noble Inc. Job Application

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The headquarters of this bookstore chain is situated in Manhattan, New York City. Known for upscale outlets for retail, the company has also has stores selling magazines, gifts, graphic novels, newspapers, games, newspapers, music, and DVDs. The company is known to sell – ‘Barnes & Noble Nook’ and so many incarnations of the official mascot named “Barnsie”, a teddy bear. By July, 2012, 689 stores were under supervision by the company, all over the U.S. along with 667 college bookstalls serving about 4.6 million students along with faculty members all over the U.S.

Organization Details

Working Hours

The store is open Monday to Thursday: 9:00am to 10:00pm; Friday: 9:00am to 11:00pm; Sunday: 9:00am to 9:00pm.

Age Eligibility

The applicant must be at least sixteen years of age.

Career Opportunities

Store Manager, Merchandise Planner, Customer Service Representative, Cafe Lead, Bookseller, Cafe Server, Digital Sales Lead, Lead Bookseller, Cashier, Merchandise Manager, Cafe Manager, Head Cashier, Assistant Store Manager, Production Manager, Receiving Manager, Sales Manager.


The Barnes & Noble Inc. was founded by Chris Barnes in the year 1873 when the first business of book printing was opened in Wheaton, Illinois. G. Clifford Noble, was the fellow business partner of Barnes and a bookstore was opened in New York in the year 1917. By 1971, the company had been sold to Leonard Riggio. After three years, Riggio started working on a big advertisement campaign on television. The partners were the first chain of bookstores of the nation to put up advertisement on the television. Following a continuous expansion all through 1980s and 90s, the company launched an e-commerce store the year 1997.

Barnes & Noble Inc. Application

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This is the largest retail chain of book stores as far as the United States is concerned. All services are conveniently provided online. The website of Barnes & Noble Inc. permits customers all across the globe to browse titles and shop for literature, music, and even movies.  There have been no plans of expansion of the locations of the store internationally.

Additional Services

The company specializes in sales of books and operates many standalones as well as stores in shopping malls in U.S. Everything ranging from snacks and coffee, to current movies, literature, music and much more. Alongside books, DVDs, and Compact Discs the company also sells items like games, toys, and principle merchandise for kids.

Community Initiatives

The belief in community involvement is strongly exhibited by the bookstore. This global corporation sells books all over the world and also helps in sponsoring and hosting about 100,000 events yearly. Book drives, book fairs, and programs of summer reading are some of the events of the community which are included here. To raise awareness for causes such as Autism and Down syndrome, as also for supporting the American troops.

Environmental Initiatives

Promotion of environmental sustainability has been the aim of this company, and it started an online store in the year 1997. Since the manufacture of magazines and books requires cutting of trees, the company offers the new principle of e-books, in addition to numerous additional mediums of electronics online. Many waste management and recycling programs are participated in by the locations of the store.

Financial Stature

Operating as a company that is publicly traded, it can be found possessing the stock ticker of ‘BKS’ on the New York Stock Exchange. Nearly $5 billion are generated yearly as revenues. The total assets controlled amount close to $3 billion while more than seven hundred stores are run in over fifty states across the United States, which also includes Washington, District of Columbia. The corporate headquarters work from New York.

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Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Bookseller:- This is a job title for entry level. The individual acts as sales associate. In general, booksellers response to queries and help customers at the store. The typical salary of booksellers depends on location, job title, and experience, and ranges between $7 and $10 an hour.

Cashier:- The cashier also is a job title for entry-level. He or she greets the visiting customers, handles returns, and rings up purchases. The candidate for this designation must be a professional, helpful, and should possess a positive attitude. Salaries for cashiers start near minimum wage.

Café Server:- This is a company which, being multifaceted, requires employees to staff the café positions. Candidates suitable for position of café server work efficiently providing exceptional service to the customers. Professionalism is demonstrated by potential associates. The average salary begins near minimum wage.


Managers at this company have exceptional skills of leadership.  To be considered for employment in management, prior experience in retail or management is needed. Opportunities like café lead, head cashier, store manager, café manager, and assistant store manager are available. Salary for department leads is generally $9 to $10 per hour; whereas assistant managers earn annual wage options ranging between $30,000 and $40,000. Store managers get a salary of more than $85,000 annually.

Advantages of working at Barnes & Noble Inc.

Training programs are paid and work schedules are flexible. Workers who are qualified receive benefits like 401 (k) retirement plans and continuation of resources of education. Programs such as a balanced work-life system and insurance coverage are also offered. Competitive programs are offered such as money offs on buying banking services, flowers, and electronics, transit benefits etc. Download the online application form where one can learn more about employment benefits as well as compensations provided by the store.

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Job Interview Questions

The interview round at this bookstore is quite unpredictable. The questions to be asked by the interviewer can be from any walk of life or situations. The candidate is thus hereby advised to construct questions and relevant answers to that effect and be confident enough to face any interview. Here are some probable questions generalized for you:

  • What inspired you to apply for a job like that of a bookseller or a cashier in this company?
  • What do you have to say about the flexibility in jobs offered here?
  • How can you define customer service when it comes to offering it in bookstalls?
  • What inspires you to work as a café server or a store manager in a company like this?
  • Do you possess multiple knowledge of language that may efficiently help you in working here?
  • Do you know anybody already working here in this company?
  • You lack relevant experience. How would you combat this?
  • Can you recall any suggestion(s) you made to develop the business you worked for earlier?