Bartender Resume Job Description

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Bartenders do jobs like mixing and serving drinks and beverages. They typically find work in hotels, restaurants, taverns, bars, hospitality establishments, banquet halls etc.

The Supervisors of bartenders are also included in this group. They may be known as a Bar Steward or Bar Attendant.

The following are some of the tasks and job duties for the bartender. These may also be utilized in your resume. You can choose the points containing the specific keywords.


Job Description for Bartender Resume

Some or even all the duties mentioned below are performed by Bartenders:

  • Taking orders of beverage directly from the patrons or guests or from the servers
  • Mix the ingredients in items like fruit juice, bitters, sugar, or soda
  • Collection of cash for drinks or beverages that were served, and further keeping a record of sales
  • Maintaining a control over bar stocks and taking care of arrangement of the supplies  
  • Mixing the drinks with other components, and water to get cocktails
  • Clean the glasses as well as the utensils used additionally
  • Sanitizing the ice tanks, and coolers, along with the other tools used in a bar
  • Serve food and beverages
  • Ordering the supplies to be used in the bar
  • Making a smart display by placing the bottles, glasses, and other merchandise in a particular design
  • Washing the glassware and keeping the bar area clean 
  • Replacing the finished drink tanks  
  • Serving snacks and drinks to patrons visiting the bar
  • Slicing and pitting the fruits to be used while garnishing the drinks
  • Taking part in the preparation of appetizers, for example; cold meats, pickles, and cheese
  • Maintaining the decorum of the bar while also serving the drinks in professional etiquette
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