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In Bradenton, a 22 year Robert Beall Sr. started a store selling dry goods. The store was named as The Dollar Limit as it sold products, which were priced, not more than 1 dollar. After World War I, there was a rise in inflation so the store was renamed as The Five Dollar Limit.  When there was Florida boom, the business grew, and Beall moved the business to new places, some blocks away, in the year 1926. The business was repurchased in 1940 after losing it to the bank during the time of depression. In the year 1946, Egbert Beall, son of Robert joined him, and they together coined the name ‘Bealls Department Store’. There was progress in 1956 when in ‘Bradenton’s Westgate Shopping Center’, a second store was opened. The third Bealls Department Store ensued in 1961, in Venice at Venice Shopping Center, Florida. Robert Beall still ran his original store downtown until its demolition in the year 1987.

Over 500 stores titled ‘Bealls’, ‘Burkes Outlet’ and ‘Bealls Outlook’, are being operated by Bealls Florida. Located in many states with about 80 stores situated in Florida, the name of Bealls has got recognition throughout the United States Southeast. Till date, Bealls Inc. operates as the parent company and the headquarters of this company is situated in Bradenton, Florida.

The Bealls is based in the United States, and it a retail corporation and has about 500 stores. It was founded in 1915 in Bradenton, Florida. This Company has two chains viz. Bealls Outlet Stores and Bealls Department Stores. The parent corporation is Bealls Inc. This group has no affiliation with Bealls Texas even as both of them overlap when some markets are taken into consideration. Whenever an overlap takes place, Bealls Florida operates in the name of Burkes Outlet. Steve Knopik works as the Chief Executive Officer of the Bealls Inc. Presidents Conrad Szymanski and Lorna Nagler respectively head Bealls Outlet Stores, Inc. and Bealls (FL) Department Stores, Inc.  The headquarters of all of these are placed in Bradenton.

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Information on Hiring Process for Bealls Florida Interview

The departmental store interviews many candidates with an aim to find commendable individuals who can satiate a range of entry-level and professional positions. The hiring process may include many rounds of the panel, 1:1, or phone interviews. Personality or drug tests may also be performed on interviewees, depending on the position. The questions of job interview usually run the range from experience and education to topics related to customer services.

One should dress professionally and make a good impression while attending the job interview rounds while at the Companys’ premises. Only in case the Bealls Florida Manager for hiring, requests for casual garbs, it is advisable to wear clothing that reflects formal wear. All the questions of the Bealls Florida interview should be answered honestly, politely, and openly during the session. An eye contact should be maintained at all times, with every interviewer. Hiring information may not be disclosed by the interviewers during the process of the job interview. To know the status of hiring, one should contact the personnel for the human resource after the last job interview has reached its completion.

The minimum age required to work with Bealls Florida is eighteen years.

The timings of operation of the Bealls Florida store are 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Monday to Saturday; and from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm on Sundays.


New jobs at entry level as cashiers or sales associates are offered at this company. The tasks include assisting customers, stocking products, answering questions and also finishing the different assigned jobs. Professional associates can even consider working with the management group at Bealls, Florida. These tasks involve employing new workers, overseeing employees, scheduling associates and much more.

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Quality job training topped with benefits like high pay rates and flexible scheduling are some of the positive points enjoyed by the qualified Bealls employees. Additional job advantages such as sick leaves, retirement accounts mounting to 401(k), healthcare options and so much more, can be received by the eligible associates. Working with this company fulfills the ambitions of the candidate. The candidate also enjoys the work benefits, while earning a competitive pay.

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