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The Belk’s Company is owned privately and operates about three hundred stores in almost 20 states all through the southern region of the United States. Many flagship locations are also included in the chain. At present, Belk has about 18,000 workers employed in corporate offices and retail stores. It offers an array of manufactured goods ranging from beauty products, clothing and jewelry to house ware, bedding and furniture.

This chain of department stores today is a part of Charlotte metropolitan region. After the foundation of the company was laid, the company developed in size along with spreading its influence all over the South.

Public operations along with trades are maintained by Belk on OTC Markets Group Inc. using the stock symbols BLKIB and BLKIA. The headquarters of Belk are housed in Charlotte in North Carolina.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Belk Application: The store is open from Monday to Saturday: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm. On Sunday: 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Age Eligibility @ Belk Application: The minimum age required for consideration for interview is 18 years.

Career Opportunities @ Belk Application:

Store Manager, Loss Prevention Associate, Data Entry Clerk, Store Office Associate, Sales Associate, Area Sales Manager, Store Receiving Associate, Maintenance Technician, Shoe Sales Associate, Visual Associate, Administrative Assistant, Financial Planning Analyst, Assistant Store Manager etc.


The Belk Store was established in Monroe, North Carolina in the year 1888. This company is one of those oldest companies of retail in America. By the month of June this year, a steady growth in both prevalence and popularity lead to an increase in the number of locations to three hundred.

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Belk came into existence in 1888 in Monroe, North Carolina, though now, the corporate office finds its place in Charlotte, also in North Carolina. Even as the headquarters of the company have been shifted from time to time, Belk’s single mindedness on modern day style has not budged.


These are remarkably big stores and can be traced in regions like Atlanta, Charlotte, Birmingham and Raleigh.

Additional Services

Community Initiatives

Charity and involvement with the community has been a crucial element of the company. Apart from being incredibly thankful to the communities for the support offered, the Belk are also proud of giving back to the community. The rich heritages possessed by Belk, along with the beliefs of the founders of the company, have made it successful.

Environmental Initiatives

Packaging in an efficient way not only helps to improve the environment but also makes an intelligent sense of carrying out business. The supply link for brands that are owned by private business section play an important role wherever combating the environmental impact comes into the picture. The company packers use fewer cartons to pack items. This has brought about a huge amount of difference in saving both currency as well as environment because the number of cartons taken for every trip is lesser even as the amount carried is the same.

Financial Stature

Belk provides department store credit cards which are useful resource of finance if used responsibly. This card helps to make a credit history. It also allows one to purchase items that he or she may require without fully paying the lump sum amount after purchase.

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Sales Team Managers:- The Sales Team Managers are consigned to selected departments inside the store and they help associates in achieving store goals and personal targets. Store events are efficiently executed by this manager. In addition to this, they also provide excellent services to the customers.

Loss Prevention Associate:- The person at this job position carries the responsibility of programs of shortage control and monitoring the prevention of loss in the store. This associate is also accountable for meeting the goals of store shortage. The Supervisor for Loss Prevention is supported by the Loss Prevention Associate in addressing issues related to shortage, training of the store associates and investigation.

Store Manager:- This individual carries the responsibility for an overall performance of the store while material is put on sales and the profit calculated. An up-to-date type of team leadership in addition to development of the employees and increasing the general potential are included as job duties of a store manager.

Advantages of working @ Belk Application

The Belk Department store staff cares for its associates. Many benefits are offered to the workers in the form of extra training which is for propelling better performance. This is in addition to helping them gain the expertise necessary to surge ahead in their respective careers. Further there are Belk Core programs for benefit which also invite participation of full time associates. Basic life insurance, paid sick leave and vacation time, counseling sessions and discounted merchandise are some additional benefits enjoyed by the full time associates.

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But this is not all. For workers who need some more, there is availability of customized options which come through Belk Choice benefits. These include many programs of health care for individuals as well as families. At the Belk, the team for Human Resource is always glad to work for associates and provide them the best of benefit packages that suit their needs.

Belk Job Application

Job Interview Questions for Belk Application:

These are some questions which may be asked during the interview. The candidate may prepare answers to some more questions based on the qualifications possessed:

  • Why do you want to join a company like Belk leaving behind so many department stores in the market?
  • Are you available on all days of the week?
  • Regarding the sales environment, do you possess any experience in this field?
  • There are some customers who demand a discount for whatever they buy? How do you deal with them?
  • Customers sometimes come with some problem(s). how do you plan to deal with such people?
  • What Unique Selling Proposition or USP is possessed by you?
  • How can you give a brief definition to the term ‘customer service’?