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At present, the Benetton Group stands to be one of the most popular fashion companies on the globe. It finds its existence in 120 countries and has a network of more than 6,500 stores. This company has in itself, strengthened identity made of colors, democratic prices at high quality, authentic fashion, and a passion to perform. The dynamic, strong personality of the brands, namely Playlife, Sisley, Undercolors of Benetton, United Colors of Benetton,is reflected here. This responsible group plans as far as the future is concerned, and also lives the present. This company is one of the top twenty most sought-after employers in Italy as far as the recent graduates are concerned.

Organization Details

Working Hours
Monday to Saturday: 10:00am to 7:00pm; and on Sundays: 12:00pm to 6:00pm.

Age Eligibility  
Sixteen years old.

Career Opportunities

Merchandise Handler, Key Holder, Operations Supervisor, Merchandiser, IT Help Desk Operator, Analyst, IT Service Area Specialist – Logistics, Manager, Assistant Manager, Sales Associate.


The company was founded in Treviso, in the year 1965 by Luciano Benetton, who was a salesman. A clothing market full of colors was seen by him. He sold the bicycle that belonged to his younger brother such that he could buy a second hand knitting machine. After a positive reaction received locally, for his first assortment of sweaters, he urged his younger brothers and sister to accompany him in the operations of the new store. By 1965, the ‘Benetton Group’ came into existence.


The clothing store is present in 120 countries of the world.

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Additional Services

The store keeps clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories for sale.

Community Initiatives

The philanthropic company sponsored a team of rugby since 1979. The team is now called Benetton Rugby and is immensely popular in Italian rugby. Many Formula 1 races have also been sponsored by the company.

Environmental Initiatives

The company cares for human dignity, the environment, and in bringing about a transformation in the society.

Financial Stature

The total turnover is more than two billion euro per year.

Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Manager – The manager runs the store and helps train the associates, hire them while also creating schedules. The district manager will have to be alerted if any kind of problem crops up. Associates will also be helped in case of any problems faced by them. The average pay for this individual depends on experience attained and is more than $10 per hour.

Visual Associate – The visual associate is responsible for assisting to viewof the store more attractive and appealing. Mannequins, organization of the racks, and the general beauty of the store are the other duties of the visual associate. Designing of newer concepts by working with the manager are other responsibilities of this individual. The average salary for the visual associate can be anywhere between $8 and $13 per hour.

Sales Associate – Assisting customers with orders, maintenance of store cleanliness, and ring up viable customers are some critical duties of a sales associate. Assisting customers in finding the correct size of the garments, color, and the general get up are other duties for the sales associate. Clearing the customers’ queries and satisfying their choices are also the responsibilities of a sales associate. The average wage enjoyed by the sales associate is between $7 and $10 per hour.

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Advantages of working@Benetton

If one wants to fill storefronts with fashion as far as the coming futures is concerned or make some quick currency while planning a trip to Italy, the jobs at Benetton is one of choices for you.
Benetton Job Application

Job Interview Questions@Benetton

  • How do you predict the trends in fashion at the present market scenario?
  • As a sales person, how can the ethics are taken care of while on duty?
  • How will you intelligently display the merchandise in the store?
  • How can you gauge a customers’ choice of garment?
  • How can customer service help you in grooming your personal life?
  • How can the new technologies flourishing in the market, help in better sales?
  • Suggest some ways by which the store can communicate with its customers more efficiently?
  • How can the accounts discrepancies be checked by flawless techniques?
  • Would it be comfortable working on Sundays?