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Big Boy is one of the fastest emerging food courts in America. Its headquarter is located in Warren, Michigan. The restaurant is dedicated towards providing a wide range of appetizers, such as sandwiches, burgers, sweet desserts, salads and soups. Additionally, some major breakfast items include sausage links or patties, hot oatmeal, bacon, slice of ham steak, biscuits and cinnamon roll. You may also find scrambled eggs, steak and eggs, grilled ham, waffles and muffins.

A special facility named “All-You-Can-Eat” takes place only in this food store (Weekends only). The brand is well-known for its buffalo-style Big Boy Chicken tenders, mozzarella cheese sticks, tasty onion rings and chicken quesadilla.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Big Boy:  The food store is open from Monday to Friday: 06:00m-12:00am and Saturday & Sunday: 06:00am-02:00am.  

Age Eligibility @ Big Boy: To become a part of this organization, you need to complete 16 years of age.

Career Opportunities @ Big Boy: Greeter, Line Cook, Dishwasher, Server, Assistant Manager, Restaurant Manager and Shift Supervisor. 

History: Big Boy came in the eyes of general public in 1936, when Bob Wian made partnership with Arnold Peterson in Glendale city of California. The restaurant’s chain was started by Marriott Corporation in 1967. A turning point came in year 1987, when Elias Brothers (World’s major franchise operator) purchased the chain from Marriott Corporation.  

Presence:  Constantly satisfying customers and corporate client’s needs and requirements, Big Boy has launched several retail branches at domestic level. Currently, the restaurant has total of 253 outlets in numbers. Out of these 137 centres, there are some privately handled franchises.

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Within America, the food store has entered in California, Colorado, Michigan, Arizona, Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee, Oregon, Texas, West Virginia, South Carolina, Mississippi, North Carolina, District of Columbia, New Mexico, Illinois, Alabama, Maryland, Florida, Georgia, Nevada and Louisiana.

Additional Services: Due to its magnificent services in every sector of society, the company got the title of "State Point of Historical Interest" and honoured by the California state government in 1993. Big Boy is one of the most admirable and best suited dining places in America.   

Big Boy Restaurants Int. is the owner of 126 outlets in United States. In the starting years, company promoted its products by gifting people t-shirts, nostalgic balls and souvenirs. Big Boy has equipped an important place in American culture.   

Financial Stature: As a most popular fast food store, Big Boy grants franchises for minimum of 20 years period. The brand charges $40,000 as fees for franchises. Additionally, it takes 4% as royalty fees and 3% marketing fees out of total gross sales. With the end of third quarter in 2012, Big Boy made total sale of $3,169,000. This figure increased by 1.7% as compared to the same quarter of 2011.

Jobs Descriptions& Remuneration

For expanding the business and setting company outlets globally, Big Boy’s hiring process is on a roll. They continuously require confident and energetic professionals to take on the positions at each level. People here enjoy several employment opportunities as well as quite a few exciting job benefits. This brand works with the key objective of customer satisfaction, but other duties differ at each level.  Mainly, applicants are interviewed for these positions.

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Restaurant Manager- As the name suggests, he/she is in charge of the whole restaurant. The manager needs to generate revenues and profits through marketing, training, development, managing team members and providing pleasing store services.

Also, managers must fulfil the financial objectives through organizing annual forecasts, preparing strategic, budgets, initiating corrective actions, examining financial controls and updating strategies to increase average meal checks.        

Line Cook- Workers here work under high pressure, team-oriented, speedy structured and centre around the guest environment. Our obsession is to deliver 100% customer satisfaction atmosphere. This may also include presenting guidelines to meet the customer’s demand, serving food and beverages effectively and timely to each order and maintaining superior quality standards of the brand.

Applicants employed on these positions can take away minimum pay of $9/ hour. After certain period of time, it increases as per the worker’s performance.  

Server- Big Boy’s servers daily meet and greet customers. They, on daily basis, take and deliver food orders, receive payments from customers, suggestively sell menu items and should be ready to take on additional job tasks, if required. As a server, you should immediately respond to customer’s queries in an appropriate and polite manner.                  

Advantages of working @ Big Boy

The chief objective of Big Boy is to make its customers feel happy and keep them smiling. This can only be done when the company also do the same with its employees. Organization adopts several measures to please the professionals. One way includes providing professional atmosphere and pleasant work environment.

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Employed aspirants are entertained by offering ample of job opportunities, which encourage them and bring a striking smile. Following are the benefits provided to eligible workers. 401K savings plan, work – life program, short term disability, savings bond, medical, paid weekly, paid vacations, stock purchase plan, employee assistance plan, Christmas savings club, meal allowances and flexible spending account. Fill out the online application form to gather all the details.

Job Interview Questions for Big Boy

  • Please explain something about yourself.
  • What employment benefits are you looking here?
  • Do you have any previous work experience?
  • What is customer service according to you?
  • How much salary are you expecting?

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