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Big Lots chain of department stores proffers products at overstock and closeout prices. Its merchandise also includes electronics, clothing, toys, housewares, and furniture. Customers may find specialty stores, such as wholesale merchandisers or furniture stores. Cooperative, flexible, and dependable workers are always sought for jobs associated with both professional and entry level. Most responsibilities include assistance and interaction with customers and also help to find the appropriate items and ringing out of customers purchases.

Organization Details

Working Hours

The store is open from Monday to Saturday: 8:00 am to 9:00 pm. The timing on Sundays is from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Age Eligibility

The aspirant needs to be at least sixteen (16) years of age when applying for any job title in this department store.

Career Opportunities

Store Manager, Distribution Center Supervisor, Customer Care Specialist, Associate Manager, Operations Manager, Stocker, File Clerk, Cashier, District Manager, Furniture Sales Manager, Sales Associate, Director of Operations, Loss Prevention Officer, Production Manager, Maintenance Technician, Assistant Store Manager, Material Handler.


This department store came into existence in 1967, in Columbia, Ohio. The creator of the store was Sol Shenk and the store operated under the name of Consolidated Stores Corporation. The banner of ‘Old Lots’ was used initially by the store. There was a change in ownership in the year 1983, and a chain of drugstores called ‘Revco’ bought the department store chain and also the parent company. In 1994, the corporation acquired the ‘Toy Liquidators’ chain of retail and later purchased ‘KB Toys’ in the year 1996. However, it was in the year 2001, May, that Consolidated Stores Corporation altered its name to Big Lots, Inc.


A number exceeding 1,400 stores are run by this department store in over 47 states. Domestic expansion is planned by the store and new stores are also planned to be open all through the United States. Efforts are always on and there is the evaluation of newer areas for a planned expansion of the corporate.

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Additional Services

The store has a wide range of products from patio furniture to pet foods. There is a provision of a wide range of goods, products, and merchandise. There is a division of stores, and each store has a section, like garden and lawn, bedding, and home furnishing. Products falling under both off-brand as well as name brand products, and that too at discount prices are sold by the department store. In addition to this, the store also runs its business via e-commerce.

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Community Initiatives

The company is a retail firm, which dedicates itself, whenever it comes to responsibility and service. The company works into making a positive change, as far as the global community is concerned.  The store shows active participation as far as causes related to charity, which include Toys for Tots, and Furniture Bank of Central Ohio are concerned. Also, the charitable organization like Lots2Give is operated by the store and aims into the provision of quality education to young adults and children who are underprivileged.

Environmental Initiatives

This department store has quite a number of locations retail and it also comprehends the significance of environmental mutual governance. The home offices as well as the retail stores of this department store work in a coordinated way such that the business practices of the company support strict standards of environmental conservation. The committee of public policy regularly implements, after reviewing the different strategies. This helps to promote a business plan which is eco-friendly.  This also includes stringent rules which govern utility consumption and waste management, health standards, and recycling programs.

Financial Stature

This department store started trading on NYSE i.e. New York Stock Exchange and used the stock ticker of ‘CNS’, in the year 1986. By August 2006, the company had changed to BIG as the stock ticker.  There are around 1,400 stores spread all across the United States and over 10,000 workers working at both full-time professionals and at entry-level. With headquarters of the store present in Columbus, Ohio, the annual revenue of the company comes to more than $4.6 billion.

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Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Sales Associate

This entry level location is responsible for providing customer service. The job duties performed by a sales associate generally include providing assistance to customers and satisfying the queries over merchandise and products. A professional attitude combined with friendly and attentive nature is also a prime requisite for this position. The average hourly salary for this position is about $8.14.


Customer service is provided by the cashier, in addition to processing sales transactions. Directing patrons to the merchandise requested for and provision of product knowledge also come as the immediate duties of the cashier. Cashiers at the store should carry the ability to stand upright for long durations. On an average, the hourly pay grant to the cashier is close to $8.50.

Stock Clerk

Unloading of stock shelves and deliveries come as immediate duties of a typical stock clerk. He or she also sets up or tears down the exhibits, apart from monitoring the levels in inventories. Removal of expired stock and keeping the store tidy are the fundamental duties to be performed by the stock clerk. In addition to the above, the applicant must be able to lift heavy objects too. The average hourly salary of the stock associate at the department store is between $9.00 and $10.00.  However, stock clerks who are more experienced may get close to $14.00 an hour.

Advantages of working@Big Lots  

There are quite a few job benefits offered by the company. Apart from a fun-filled work environment, which is fast-paced, there is paid training, flexible scheduling, plus a potential for career advancement. Newly hired workers at entry level get a competitive salary, while associates, working full time get a generous paid. Also included in the employment packages are programs of work-life balance, provision of paid time offs, the inclusion of sick leaves, holiday pay, and paid vacations. Eligible associates also enjoy relocation assistance. Apart from the above, perks for future planning which include educational assistance, 401 (k) plans for retirement, and many options for insurance coverage. Vision, dental, and medical plans are included in health care coverage. To top it all, there is coverage for life insurance as well as disability insurance being provided to employees who are eligible.

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Job Interview Questions@Big Lots   

There is a variety of questions which may be framed during the interview session. The candidate must prepare exclusively for this and can predict some questions related to the academic and professional qualifications gained. Some possible questions are given below:

  • How will you modify yourself when it comes to interacting with a variety of customers who inquire so frequently?
  • Do you possess any additional skills pertaining to computers, internet etc.?
  • Would it be ok if you are called for working on holidays, weekends, or even night shifts?
  • Can you describe a situation wherein you had to make quick decisions?
  • Do any such responsibilities exist for you, which may hamper your performance at work?
  • Are you a good team worker, or do you perform better when you work all by yourself?
  •  Can you recall your experience as far as the sales environment in a department store is concerned?
  • Can you give a brief description of ‘customer service’ in relation to the department store?
  • Do you possess any additional qualification as far as knowledge of another language is concerned?

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