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The Bloom Grocery Store, also known as “Etablissements Delhaize Frères et Cie Le Lion SA”, is a company from Belgium and is the owner of Bloom, Food Lion etc. The Bloom Store operates a grocery store chain located in the Eastern Seaboard area in United States. About sixty stores are run in Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Maryland. A standard range of departments of the supermarket, such as bakeries, a number of grocery aisles, produce departments, and meat counters are offered.

The Bloom Grocery Store provides a unique style of service to all its customers. The company also keeps a promise of offering unique online conveniences. This has products of superbly high quality and that too, with numerous choices and a great price.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Bloom Store

The Bloom Store is open on each day of the week from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Age Eligibility @ Bloom Store

The applicant must be at least eighteen (18) years of age when applying for a position in this store.

Career Opportunities @ Bloom Store

The career opportunities of Bloom Grocery store are listed below:

Cashier, Assistant Manager, Bagger, Meat Clerk, Manager, Seafood Clerk, Produce Clerk, and Bakery Clerk.


The Bloom store was previously called as ‘Bloom, A Food Lion Market’. It was in Charlotte, North Carolina where it was test marketed for the first time. This was prepared by the use of five test stores, the first one being opened on 26th of May, 2004. With an aim of maximizing the convenience of the shoppers, a TableTop segment is arranged right at the entry of the store, where shoppers can easily purchase ready to eat stuff.

In the month of March in 2011, the Delhaize America and the Bloom banner publicly announced a conversion of fifteen stores under it in Greenville, South Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina markets into stores of Food Lion.

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It was in January this year that Delhaize had announced restructuring of the American operations. The banner of Bloom would retire and the rest of the stores will either be closed or converted into Food Lion stores.

At present times, the website of Bloom redirects you to a message which states that Bloom is being replaced by Food Lion.


With its headquarters in Salisbury, North Carolina, about 1,300 supermarkets and that too in eleven Mid Atlantic and South Atlantic states are present. There are stores in Tennessee, West Virginia and Kentucky which operate under the banners of Reid’s, Bottom Dollar Food, Bloom and Harvey’s Supermarket are present. Seven years were spent by Food Lion trying to establish a presence in Bangkok, Thailand. Locally, it was operated by Bel-Thai Supermarket Co. which, in 2004, retreated from Thailand and sold all its branches to Top Supermarkets.

Community Initiatives

The company follows the practice of providing a swift relief to communities at the local reach in case they are struck with natural calamities and the following emergency. Enhancement of the supply of water to places which do not have sufficient power is done by the company. Truck loads of foods, water, and ice are sent to regions that are devastated on account of hurricanes.  Even the American Red Cross assuages and prevents sufferings for humans in case of emergencies. This is done by mobilizing and making use of generous donors and volunteers.

Financial Stature

An annual revenue exceeding $30 billion is earned by Delhaize. It employs more than 100,000 employees. In addition to this, the Delhaize Group also trades publicly using its stock ticker symbol ‘DEG’ on NYSE (New York Stock Exchange).

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Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Pharmacy Technician:-This individual helps the Staff Pharmacist and / or the Pharmacy Manager while keeping records, processing prescriptions, along with providing stock support to the store. The Pharmacy Technician is also responsible for sales and maintenance of stock in the shelves, thus guaranteeing utmost availability of product. The average salary of this worker is between $23,000 and $25,000 annually.

Bagger:-A Bagger is responsible for packing the items of grocery and arrangement of bulky and weighty products in cartons or sacks. Verification of the price of items of grocery as compared to the rates as displayed on stock shelves is also done by the Bagger. The packing and cleaning supplies which are used at the purchase checkout counter of the grocery is done by the Bagger. She or he gets an average salary of $7 an hour.

Sales Representative:- The Sales Representative is responsible for answering the queries and concerns of clients. By nature, a Sales Representative should be energetic, warm and loving such that she or he can easily deal with all kinds of customers who are visiting the store. The average salary of this individual comes between $28,000 and $44,000 yearly.

Customer Service Representative:- This position handles the responsibility of interacting with customers and gives them the information, while responding to the inquiries related to services and products. In addition to this, this individual also handles and resolves services to customer or / and grievances related to billing when refunding money, exchanging merchandise and also, adjusting bills. The hourly salary of a customer service representative is about $6 to $10.

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Advantages of working @ Bloom Store

The company is proud of creating an inspiring work environment. This further motivates everyone to perform to the best of his or her ability aided with support from an able peer group. There are numerous benefits enjoyed by everyone here. Work that offers variety, is challenging and, the most important, meaningful is offered to the employees. Benefits programs are both comprehensive and competitive and include dental, medical, visual, disability and life insurance, and paid time-offs. The company also provides an on-the-job training for professional enhancement and personal growth of its employees. The following also are the benefits offered by the company:

  • Competitive Base pay and Incentives
  • A 401 (k) investment and saving plan
  • Disability insurance
  • Holidays, sick leaves and vacations
  • Opportunities for scholarship
  • A generous discount on a waste range of services and products.
  • Access to the Credit Union

Bloom Store Job Application

Job Interview Questions for Bloom Store

Here are some predicted interview questions, the answers of which may be prepared beforehand. The candidates can also predict possible questions and reply according to the need:

  • What inspired you to come for an interview here even as there are so many choices in the market?
  • Would you affirm working on Sundays or even other public holidays?
  • Serving in a sales environment has many good and bad patches hidden in it. Can you recall and narrate any of them?
  • What do you gather by the term ‘customer service’?
  • There are many customers who always want a discount on the product bought by them. Are you going to entertain such customers?
  • If a customer approaches you with a problem in the product bought by him or her some time ago, how will you solve the problem?