Blue Cross Blue Shield Job Application

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The applicants wishing to build their career in the insurance field can apply to Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) because the BCBSA is a union of 38 independent organizations and companies providing health insurances and health services in all 50 States, the DC and Puerto Rico.

Brief Company History

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) is formed by combining 38 health insurance companies from the Blue Cross Association and the National Association of Blue Shield Plans.  The history of Blue Cross started in 1929, whereas Blue Shield dated back to 1939. The Blue Cross Association was formed on 1960, and Blue Shield was created in 1948. Both associations were merged to form BCBSA. Initially, both associations were formed to achieve separate purposes. Blue Cross plans were more specific toward hospital services, but Blue Shield was physician cover specific. In 1982, both organizations merged forming BCBSA.

Organization Details

38 Blue Cross Blue Shield companies and organization are the nation’s oldest and largest health care systems, and provides Blue Cross brand and Blue Shield brand health insurance coverage to more than 100 million Americans and more than 85% hospitals. The company has contracts with 91% of professional providers. The Blues also serves 76% of Fortune 500 companies and 85% of Fortune 100 companies. The Federal Employee Program (FEP) of the company is the world’s single largest health plan group. It covers more than half of the federal employees, retirees and their families.  The variety of insurance products of the company is offered to different sections of the population including individuals, large and small business groups, and small businesses. The company is headquartered at 1 Pershing Sq., 2301 Main St. Kansas City MO.

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Careers@ Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross and Blue Shield system believe in diversity and offers equal opportunities to all segment employees together with a medical condition or disability conditions. The employees are offered smoke-free and drug-free work environment. The new employees and contingent staffs are hired after a thorough background check. The jobs are available in different states’s Blue Cross Blue Shield companies.

The different categories of jobs in the companies include, actuarial, accounting, finance, management, computer information system different categories, consulting and customer services, HR, health care, facilities, IT, business development, legal, marketing, audit, Medicare, nursing, organization development/training and much more. The career page of the association website also provides current openings.

Age Eligibility

In order to work with BCBSA, the candidate must be of 18 years of age or above at the time of application.

Work Hours

The work Hour in BSBSA is Mon-Fri: 8:00am-5:00pm. It is Closed Saturday and Sunday.


The applicants can apply to BCBSA Jobs, in one of the 38 BCBSA, or Blue Health Insurance (BHI).

The candidates must first register with BCBSA for submitting completed Application. Once registered, you will have to create your job profile. The applicants are advised to submit a cover letter and resume together with the application for the desired position. The Application must be prepared with utmost care because the application is thoroughly reviewed by the HR. The job applicants can apply for more than one position. They must also remember that the company receives volume of applications, and they are unable to respond to all. The candidates, whose Applications matches to the applied job are intimated for attending interviews.

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It is also necessary to remember that if the Job Board does not show any of the listed or applied jobs, then it simply means that the job is either closed or withdrawn. The registered members with job profiles are sent job alerts for any job opening that comes up and match the background and skills of the applicant member.

Benefits@ Blue Cross Blue Shield

BCBSA offers a variety of Benefits to employees for promoting wellness of them and their families. The comprehensive benefits include dental, vision and medical plans. The benefits are valid after one month of the hiring with the BCBSA. The benefit coverage is applicable to the employee and one dependent or family.

Benefits include Medical, Vision, Dental, Domestic partner Coverage, in addition to recognition, wellness, retirement, professional development, pre-tax program, disability and life insurance, work life balance and mature workers benefits.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Application

Interview Questions

  1. How would you cope with the stress?
  2. What impresses you in our company?
  3. What difference do you find between our company and others?
  4. What is your ideal work environment?
  5. What do you know about Health insurance?
  6. What do you know about Blue Cross Blue Shield?
  7. How do you cope if your supervisor criticizes your work performance?
  8. If we hire you, what can you achieve for the company?
  9. What is your ideal job?
  10. Have you worked in any insurance company previously?