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Bob Evans Farms, Inc., is a billion dollar organization. It generates total revenue of $1.7 billion from among all the restaurants and retail chain franchises spread across the world. High food quality and admirable hospitality are the two major pillars holding the success of company.

The brand manufactures and distributes a variety of its food and beverage products at all outlets. It enhances quality, reliability and growth of the company. Quality food consumption as well as friendly atmosphere is a trademark of Bob Evans.  Menu card at this brand includes classy breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant has delicious and mouth watering food products for every age group.

Branches centred in 49 states, touching few parts of Canada and delivering the menu to make people enjoy the flavour in their hometown. Bob Evans is holding a faithful hand in retaining fine groceries plus vast services. Online application form has detailed information of the restaurant.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Bob Evans: Everyday Bob Evans operates from 06:00am- 10:00pm.  

Age Eligibility @ Bob Evans: First and foremost compulsory rule is to attain the specific age (16 years) for joining the brand.

Career Opportunities @ Bob Evans: Host, Hostess, Dishtank Operator, Assistant Manager, Cashier, Cook, Server, Restaurant Manager, Kitchen Prep and Grill Cook.

History: Bob Evans is one of the finest food service restaurant and retail organization situated in Columbus, Ohio. The food store got the name from its founder, Bob Evans. The brand’s first channel was started in the form of a truck stop diner, which is nearby the Bob Evans Farm in 1953, in Rio Grande, Ohio.  

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Presence: With strong performance, company started working in 23 states touching 570 sites. This includes upper Southern states, Midwestern and Mid Atlantic. In year 1987, company gets hold of Owens Country Sausage located in Texas.

This family based restaurant presently runs 600 branches in 18 states of the US. These states are as follows- Indiana, New York, Ohio, South California, North California, Tennessee, West Virginia, New Jersey, Florida and Kansas.

Additional Services: Food stuffs at Bob Evans are produced at Galya, III; Xenia, Ohio; Hillsdale, Mich; and Bidwell, Springfield. The place where the first distribution branch opened was Springfield. The owner of restaurant Bob Evans retired from services on 31 Dec, 1986. He was the only individual, who was awarded by the National Wildlife Federation for three times in his entire life. Bob spent forty years in preventing wildlife. Online application form includes complete information.

Financial Stature: Counted amongst the top most food speciality stores, Bob Evans had continuously grown years over years, and still the band has not stopped. The organization has recorded drastic improvement in its net income area ($54.20 million to $72.90 million).

In addition with this, Bob Evans financial reports have also reported decrease in the sale of goods, which came down to 63.16% from 63.75%.

Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Success of every company strongly depends on its solid manpower, the way they work and achieve the targets. This manpower involves all employees from bottom associates till top executives. These employees need to coordinate effectively as well as efficiently to complete the organizational goals.

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Same way, Bob Evans also requires fully trained and expert professionals to establish its business. The restaurant has set up certain mandatory rules for all workers. Shift timings are very compulsory in this company. You will be asked to work a minimum of 20-30 hours in a week.

Most of the times, food court hires for entry and middle level management. Below are the positions you can apply for.

Restaurant Assistant Manager: Job of a manager is completely full of fun and highly dedicated in directing all operations on daily basis. All managers, before jumping of the floor, need to spend some time in getting trained and understanding the restaurant business.

Furthermore, certain professional qualities play a chief role in their success. You should be strong enough to answer every question and to handle critical situations. You should motivate your team members and solve the disputes between them, if any. Expansion of business and increase in profit are the essential duties of a restaurant assistant manager.

Purchasing Coordinator: People in these roles are responsible for supporting the purchasing department along with all the functions in it. These people are the backup of the directors. They should verify and announce the product prices on daily basis.

Generating reports and product quality issues, maintaining supplier files, and submission of product applications every week are few important job tasks of the purchasing coordinator. Additionally, some of the chief qualities are as follows: 1) Written and Oral communication, 2) Hands on in computers and 3) Completing daily work assignments.

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Cashier: After getting appointed at cashier post, a lot of expectation arises from you. Holding this position will not allow you to relax for long period. Cahiers regularly need to maintain the sales transactions and forward the updated reports to senior management.

A brief description about cashier’s role includes: Operating cash registers, complete knowledge about products and services, restocking and cleaning workstations, etc. In exchange of the duties performed, you will earn minimum salary of $9-$11 per hour.

Advantages of working @ Bob Evans

Massive job facilities can be experienced by the employed ones. International work environment and job safety are the primary objectives. These are the attractive features offered by Bob Evans: Paid trainings, flexible work schedule, yearly bonus, health and medical insurance, life insurance, savings bond, sick leaves, dependents education loan, 401K retirement plan, meal and entertainment concessions, personal time, restaurant uniforms and name tags, etc.     

With these benefits, workers can be retained for long time duration. To know all the advantages in detail, click the online application form.

Job Interview Questions for Bob Evans

  • Please explain something about yourself.
  • What do you know about Bob Evans?
  • Why should the company depend upon you?
  • What employment benefits are you looking here?
  • What salary are you expecting from the company?
  • How will you motivate your team members?

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