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This bookstore formerly had a ticker symbol of –‘BGP’ in the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), and applied for bankruptcy protection followed by liquidation of its 226 stores situated in United States. Formerly, there were about 511 superstores under operation in the United States. There were 175 stores, opened in the segment of Waldenbooks Specialty Retail, which included Border Express, Borders Outlet, Waldenbooks, and Borders airport stores. Earlier, Borders stores used to operate a business in countries like Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia.

Organization Details

Working Hours

The stores open every Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm. On Sundays, timings change and are from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Age Eligibility  

The contender must be eighteen years old when applying for any position in this company.

Career Opportunities

Sales Manager, Loss Prevention Manager, Cashier, Book Seller, Mechanic, Human Resource Manager, Inventory Manager, Regional Human Resource Representative, Operations Manager, Event Manager, Loss Prevention Specialist, General Store Manager, Supervisor, Clerical Worker, Café Worker, Operations Manager, District Manager, Maintenance Technician etc.


It was in Ann Arbor, MI, in the year 1971 that the Borders brothers Louis and Tom started the very first location of the book store. Initially, the store was named ‘Borders Book Shop’. It used to operate a used – 800 square foot book shop. In the years that followed, operations found expansion and newer locations occupying different places were opened. In the year 1992, the company was acquired by Kmart and its name was changed to ‘Borders Group’ after the company was taken publicly. Aiming to provide the customers with shopping online for a substantial selection of DVDs and books, Borders joined hands with Amazon in the year 2001. The year 2010 witnessed the retailer launching an eBookstore.

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Utah, South Carolina, Virginia, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Texas, West Virginia, Tennessee, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Oregon, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, New York, Nebraska, New Mexico, Montana, North Carolina, Montana, Mississippi, SouthCarolina, Connecticut,California,Arizona, Colorado, Arkansas, and Alaska.

Additional Services

A number of stores in the form of a chain are operated by the Company. It sells books, compact discs of movies, music, as well as other media. More than 190,000 titles are offered by this bookseller, which forms a broad range of material for reading. To help the customers in exploring and discovering new books, the shop maintains a relaxed, warm atmosphere. Coffee shops are included in many locations such that customers can enjoy drinks while they read. In addition to these, each store has a free wifi system.

Community Initiatives

The store is dedicated in bringing about a change to improve the community. It supports a number of national organizations, which work on a no-profit basis. Charitable organizations are worked with to facilitate fine arts, education, and literacy programs. A charitable organization with the name of ‘Gifts in Kind International’ is a partner of this store and provides books for children who are hospitalized. Many national book festivals and book drives are also supported by the store. Local charities are also offered support by this organization. The ‘Borders Group Foundation’ is a charitable organization which supports all the employees along with their families. Not just this, the foundation also offers military support, bereavement outreach, and scholarships.

Environmental Initiatives

In 2010, the company started selling e-books in order to lessen the usage of paper. Also, the organization persistently works into increasing the efficiency and cutting down on wastes. Many recycling and environmental sustainability programs are worked for and participated into, by the company. This also helps in educating, both, the customers as well as the employees about the principles of conservation.

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International Initiatives

The first worldwide store of Borders was opened in Singapore in the year 1997. In the years that followed, around forty stores were opened all through New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Australia, England, and Ireland. Several franchises were also opened in United Arab Emirates and Malaysia. Being a company that is constantly growing, the Borders would continue the expansion process of the stores into global markets.

Financial Stature

This company under the ticker symbol – ‘BGP’, trades on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) and owns close to twenty nine shops at the airport, 175 locations that are mall based, on addition to about five hundred superstores. An average of $2 billion is earned through sales every year. The headquarters of the company is situated in Ann Arbor, MI.

Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration


All the information about the product is provided by the bookseller, apart from maintaining cleanliness in the working area and assisting the customers. The typical salary of this individual can be anywhere between $7 and $10/ hour. The wage further also depends on the job title, location, and also the experience.


Apart from greeting the customers, the cashier rings up purchase, handles returns, and affiliates for rewards certificates. Energetic, positive, and helpful individuals are hired for staffing cashier positions. The starting salary for cashiers starts at near minimum wage.    

Café Server

Baristas or Café workers are responsible for taking orders, making specialty coffee and smoothies. They are also responsible for providing customer service of an excellent cadre. The starting salary for these individuals comes to near minimum wage.

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Overseeing the operations, hiring and the subsequent training of newly hired associates come as immediate responsibilities of managers. Apart from these duties, the managers check the management of inventory, ensure that the cleanliness of the store satisfies the company’s norms, and give all customers satisfaction. Sales managers get pay options ranging between $30,000 $85,000 annually.  Generally, managers get a salary amounting to more than $85,000.

Advantages of working @ Borders Application

Employees who are qualified can avail a number of opportunities and healthcare options that are auto-enrolled. Both long term and short term disability coverage can be received by the eligible associates. Additional wellness and healthcare benefits include concessions on acupuncture therapists, products related to health, massage therapies, nutritional counselors, and program related to tobacco cessation.

Then there are some additional perks including personal days, paid holidays, vacation, and personal days. Discounts on weight loss and fitness products, saloon visits, and store merchandise can also be enjoyed by the workers. To add on to the list of advantages, there are provisions of scholarship programs, financial assistance, and provisions such as bereavement counseling.
Borders Job Application

Job Interview Questions  

  • How do you handle it when someone criticizes you?
  • What would be your first priority: the Company, or your own interest?
  • Is it okay if sometimes you are called for work even on holidays or weekends?
  • Have you ever gone through any situation at work, wherein you had to make quick decisions?
  • What do you consider is a job ideal for you?
  • How long will you take to be productive for the Company?
  • What will you do to improve the productivity of the company?