Bottom Dollar Food Job Application

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Bottom Dollar Food is based in the Salisbury area of North Carolina. It operates twenty eight stores in Virginia, North Carolina, and Maryland. Many admired private and national brand products and that too, at reasonable prices. The company is redefining concession shopping by its quality meat and fresh produce, in addition to lightened atmosphere.

Being a division of the Delhaize America discount supermarket in America, it sells food items which are of private brand and groceries of national name brand. Customers can get everything from snacks, produce, cereals and milk to baked goods and deli meats. Unorthodox displaying and stacking arrangements are utilized by this company, thus cutting the cost of the products on shelves. There is also a provision of easy access for customers to food items to accelerate the event of sale of merchandise. Replacing the standard plastic or paper checkout bags, food bags are also sold by this grocery store. There are more than fifty stores of the company working in the United States with the corporate office maintained in Salisbury, North Carolina.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Bottom Dollar Food

The store is open every day from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Age Eligibility @ Bottom Dollar Food  

The store imposes a minimum age of sixteen years and above for aspirants applying for a job at this company.
Career Opportunities @ Bottom Dollar Food
The following are some of the posts available for aspiring candidates: Cashier, Store Manager, Store Associate, Department Manager, Maintenance Technician, and Assistant Manager.


It was on 21st September, 2005 when ‘Bottom Dollar Food’ first opened in High Point, North Carolina. By June 2011, forty nine stores of this company were under operation in regions like New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Maryland. Nineteen more stores have been opened in Lehigh and Philadelphia areas.  In January this year (2012), Delhaize proclaimed closure of six stores of the company and conversion of twenty two more into supermarkets of Food Lion. At present, the company even operates in places outside Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In the coming years, more stores are planned to be opened by the company.

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The company operates fifty six stores in states like Ohio, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Community Initiatives

An interest was expressed by community leaders when combating issues such as hunger relief, employment, youth empowerment, nutrition relief, management of food budget, and nutrition education. Bill Garcia, the community relations manager of this company stated, “At Bottom Dollar Food, we strive to be a good business citizen in the communities in which we manage.”

Environmental Initiatives:- The EPA or the U.S. Environment Protection Agency awarded Bottom Dollar Food, Food Lion, and Bloom with the tenth successive Energy Star honor.

Financial Stature:-
The profits of the company dropped by 48% to $355 million and the operating margin decreased to 5.1 per cent from 6.5 per cent. However, as stated by the company, in 2012, the Capital expenditure would increase by 11.2 per cent and touch $1.04-$1.11 billion.

Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Assistant Manager:-
The assistant manager assists in the process of hiring store managers to carry out duties of administration. The salary received by this official ranges from $30,000 to $60,000 annually.

Store Manager:-
The store manager is responsible for training workers; oversee the operations of retail, and enforcing protocol. The store manager gets around $14.00 per hour as salary.   

Advantages of working @ Bottom Dollar Food

The company provides some medical assistance to its employees. These advantages include life insurance, visual, medical and dental insurance. In addition to these, 401 (k) plans for retirement, including company match and programs like that of employee assistance are also provided. There is disability insurance also available for suitable employees. Discounts are provided on services and company made products to eligible workers.
Bottom Dollar Food Job Application

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Job Interview Questions for Bottom Dollar Food

The can be a number of probable questions that may be asked during the interview round of the selection process. Some questions as stated below are only probable questions. The aspiring candidate may also work on some other questions as related to his or her qualifications and experience.

  • How do you plan to combat the low temper of some of the customers who visit this store?
  • How do you gauge yourself to be eligible for performing the job available at this store?
  • Are you legally qualified for working at this store?
  • Can you recall any instance or occasion wherein the job you did was severely criticized and in spite of that, you fought for yourself and emerged the winner?
  • How will you manage to prioritize deadlines that seem implausible?
  • This job may need some additional knowledge of any other language in addition to English. Do you possess any of such additional qualifications?
  • Is there any responsibility which may hinder your combination with the specified schedule of work?
  • Have you ever had any kind of trouble or conflict with your previous boss or a co worker or a customer? How did you come out of the whole drama?
  • Your bio data shows that you are lacking experience of any kind. How do you plan to work here keeping in mind this situation?