BrandsMart USA Job Application

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BrandsMart USA is a popular chain of electronics stores in United States. The chain has widespread presence in states of Georgia and Florida. These stores sell a variety of electronic products from the brand-names.

There are around a dozen of stores in this chain. The job opportunities in these stores can be accessed online. Visit and move on the career’s page. Select the state and go through the job listing. The jobs are listed on the website by location and sorted by positions. Apply to a job that you find most suitable. There are a variety of employment options with these stores. All one need is to be 16 or above. Some jobs can be secured only by applicants having done a high school diploma.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ BrandsMart USA:- Monday-Saturday: 10:00AM-9:30PM; Sunday: 11:00AM-8:00PM

Age Eligibility @ BrandsMart USA:- 16 years old

Career Opportunities @ BrandsMart USA:– Graphic artist, Cashier, Computer sales associate, Television sales associate, Cellular sales associate, Customer service representative, Headphone sales associate, Telecom sales associate, Department manager, Audio sales associate, Appliance sales associate, Inner circle sales associate, Assistant manager, Car stereo sales associate, camera sales associate, Asset protection specialist, Store manager, Games sales associate, Returns clerk, Warehouse labourer

History:- Robert Pearlman founded the company in 1977. The company employs more than 2500 workers at around a dozen stores in Florida and Georgia. These stores stock more than 500 stores. A speciality of these electronics stores is their eco-friendly design. The stores are powered by daylight saving systems and are equipped with rain-water harvesting systems.

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Additional Services:- Offering a range of electronics products like mobiles, DVDs, vacuum cleaners, computers, televisions and other electronic items, these stores are extremely popular in Florida and Georgia. They showcase products from name-brands and also offer discounts and offers from time to time.

Presence:- There are 8 stores in Florida and 4 stores in Georgia. In Florida, these stores are in Miami, Deerfield Beach, Clearance centre, Hollywood, Sawgrass mills, West Palm Beach, and Dadeland. In Florida, they are in Cobb County, Stockbridge, Doraville, and Gwinnet.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

These stores employ hundreds of workers at each store location. The workers are required for staffing warehouse, regional offices and retail stores. Candidates may be hired as sales associates. The sales associates are assigned a specific department like cell phones, computers or others. Hence, they have to sell a specific range of products, and they could also cultivate knowledge particular to the same. They interact with customers, relay product’s info; assist in purchase selection and process sales. They may also be printing receipts and processing credit cards.  The entry-level associates are also required in the warehouse for accomplishing various laborious jobs. These associates are hired as stock assistants or team members.

Each store hires department managers, assistant manager and general manager. These positions are offered only to the experienced retail workers. A department manager supervises sales operations specific to his/her department. A general manager or assistant manager has to oversee entire operations.

Advantages of Working @ BrandsMart USA:

These stores hire workers on a large scale. They offer industry-standard wages and allow flex work schedules. The qualified workers also get advantages like retirement plan, medical cover, life insurance, flexible spending account, paid leaves, healthcare facilities, paid time off and performance bonuses. There are several career growth opportunities and paid job trainings.
BrandsMart USA Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at BrandsMart USA:

  • Tell us about yourself?
  • What education are you going pursue further?
  • Why BrandsMart USA?
  • Which department would you like to join in this store?
  • How do you see this job in your career?