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A W. Barcelona signatures multi cuisine restaurant, BRAVO offers an enjoyable, entertaining and affordable Italian food dishes in a Roman ruin style. The restaurant is motivated by a traditional Italian restro dedicated for fresh and custom-made stuffs in the open kitchen based on Italian style.

BRAVO takes care of its customers with the valued tagline “Each Guest, Each Meal, Each & Every Day”. The company is a quality oriented industry, not the quantity oriented. A variety of factors play crucial role behind customer satisfaction, such as first-class food quality and advanced guest service as well as superior environment. Moreover, the restaurant walks on a different way when compared with other brands. This happens by delivering classical food recipes prepared with fresh ingredients and contains premier quality.

BRAVO has been constructed in such a way to facilitate with hotel experience as well as city patrons. This brand has meaningfully completed 16 years serving the customers with full dedication and efforts. BRAVO has been voted as the best Italian restaurant consistently for 4 years. Atmosphere at BRAVO is so pleasing and warm that you can treat your friends and family members and feel an exciting dining experience.

One of the news published in New Times reports “BRAVO! Bistro is for grown-ups with grown-up tastes. If that’s what you see in the mirror, add this place to your dining-out list.”

Organization Details

Working Hours @ BRAVO: Restaurant’s timing to serve general public varies at all locations. Its starts from Sunday-Thursday: 11:00am-10:00pm and Friday-Saturday: 11:00am-11:00pm.

Age Eligibility @ BRAVO: The minimum age set by the company is 16 years or more.  

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Career Opportunities @ BRAVO: Waiter/Waitress, Line Cook, Kitchen Manager, Host/Hostess, Bartender, Executive Chef, General Manager, Restaurant Manager, Assistant Manager and Sous Chef.

History: BRAVO BRIO established its first restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, in year 1992. The two partners, Chris Doody and Rick, collaborated with Executive Chef Phil Yandolino. As soon as the brand’s first eight centres were opened, a real estate company approached organization, in order to create famous centrepieces of Easton Tower Centre.

Presence: BRAVO is maintained and operated by Bravo Brio. The business has reached till Mississippi, Nevada, Colorado and Texas. By the end of Dec, 2010, industry operates 86 restaurants, which includes 38 Brio restaurants, 47 BRAVO! Restaurants plus a single restaurant named Bon Vie.

Additional Services: BBRG operates in 30 states with 94 chain restaurants. The main objective of it is to become No. 1 Italian food store in America. BRAVO! Offers a variety of consumable products, such as steaks, pasta dishes, pizzas, seafood and chicken. You can also enjoy seasonal items, beverages, banquet availability at some selected sites. The company apart from restaurant business also runs an American-French bistro restaurant.

Financial Stature: BRAVO trades on NASDAQ on global level. It’s a publicly handled organization, which offers single share of $14.13 USD in the market. In year 2011, annual revenue of the restaurant scaled up to 10.50% ($81.8 million to $90.4 million). This figure has also affected the gross profit of the brand. In the year of 2009, BRAVO marked total profit of $54.217 million which grew up to $66.716 million.              

Jobs Descriptions& Remuneration

As a leading restaurant organization, world class job opportunities are offered by this brand. People at all positions are appointed at regular interval of time. Mostly positions come for the freshers to join the organization at entry level. Applicants must always be ready to get transferred at other locations overseas.

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Employees can apply for both full time as well as part time positions. Candidates by two means can apply for the available positions, either through walk in or by completing online job application forms. Below are the posts, BRAVO is searching executives for:

Line Cook- All the line cooks at BRAVO should be team oriented individuals. The basic feature of this position possess extra qualities like working in fast-paced atmosphere and providing fine quality dining experience on every customer visit.

When the question of salary arises, the line cooks are offered with competitive base pay starting from $7 and reach at $10 for every service hour.                

Executive Chefs- Executive Chefs are highly responsible for taking care of daily operations. It involves production systems, kitchen area, managing food cost, supplies and labour cost. Moreover, applicants must possess additional qualities of supervising, team leading and food production.

Additional skills required are mentor new culinary associates with effective training and empowerment. He/she is also answerable for food quality, meal delivery on time and productivity operations.

A bachelor’s degree in Food Science is mandatory before getting hired. Talented applicants always survive in this rapidly growing environment, ready to handle challenges.

General Managers- BRAVO, for this specific designation, always hires employees holding friendly, dependable and appealing attitude. They ensure regular increase in profits, employee’s integrity and safety. Major responsibilities, such as quality in food and service, clean outlets, production and labour cost, as well as organizing fun activities.

This post requires a prior work experience of 2-4 years. Furthermore, effective communication skills are essential for conversing with staff, consumers and upper management. GM should also be friendly in computer operations.                

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Advantages of working @ BRAVO

Working at BRAVO will give you immense pleasure as well as suitable atmosphere. Before customer’s happiness, the organization takes care of its employees and makes them feel satisfied. Besides this, workers here get good salaries and can enjoy a lot of additional advantages. Some of the benefits might differ depending upon the nature of job he/she is doing (full time or part time). Below is the list of packages which satisfy an employee’s general requirements.

Adoption assistance, bonuses, paid time off, dependent care, medical coverage, short term disability, long term disability, 401(K), retirement plans and house owner insurance.

Some more advantages include pet care, paid job trainings, flexible work schedules, business uniforms, name cards, meal and travel discounts and educational programs. These advantages can be rotated and adjusted as per company’s policies.

Job Interview Questions for BRAVO

  • What advantages are you expecting from the brand?
  • Are you ready to do night shifts on rotational basis?
  • How will you prove yourself beneficial?
  • Do you possess previous experience of the same field?
  • What salary are you expecting?
  • What was your academic background?
  • What is your area of interest?

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