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Brighton Collectibles selling fashion accessories may also help you fashion your career. A retail brand having presence in several countries may be a part of your destiny. These fashion stores are always hiring young candidates at various entry-level positions and keeps on recruiting professionals as new stores open. You must apply at these stores and seek employment opportunities at these stores.

There is no printable employment application provided by these stores. You must visit the company’s website – and search stores in your area. There is a store locator on the website that will aid you finding a store. Contact the store manager at the respective location and submit your resume to him/her. As there will be a job vacancy at the respective store, it management will consider your candidature and call for interview. Apply there immediately. May you not need to wait long for an interview call!

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Brighton Collectibles: Monday-Saturday: 10:00AM-9:00PM; Sunday: 11:00AM-6:00PM.

Age Eligibility @ Brighton Collectibles: 16 years old.

Career Opportunities @ Brighton Collectibles: Sales associate, Account specialist, Customer care representative, Project director, Manager, Assistant manager, Project coordinator, Marketing director.

History: Brighton Collectibles was founded by Terri and John Kohl in year 1979. They started by selling men’s belts and slowly established it as a full-fledged fashion store. After initial success, they begin franchising operations. Presently, the chain has around 6000 stores operational worldwide. In USA, there are more than 100 stores running.

Additional Services: These stores sell various fashion accessories like handbags, jewelry, wallets, belts, foot wears and other wearable. They also sell gifts and cards. All the products sold at these stores belong to renowned brands and are luxurious and stylish.

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Presence: The chain has presence at more than 6000 locations in around 15 countries. In United States, they are located in all states including District of Columbia.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration

You may start a job at these stores as a sales associate or merchandising associate. These are the entry-level positions, for which no education or experience is required. The sales associates do marketing and help in inventory operations, while merchandising associates are confined to inventory operations and help managers deriving sales trends. These entry-level workers are hired on hourly wages that may range from $8 to $13.

At managerial positions, candidates having experience in management or marketing are appointed. They must have relevant educational degrees and skills. They monitor the store operations, perform scheduling, do inventory control and manage the store. They receive average annual salary between $35,000 and $75,000.

Advantages of Working @ Brighton Collectibles

The entry-level workers often work part-time at these stores. They get standard wages, incentives and benefit from flexible scheduling. The professional associates avail several other benefits like health benefits, life and health insurance, long-term and short-term disability coverage, retirement plan and other profit sharing plans. They too have access to paid leaves and holidays. Even the entry-level employees working full-time have enough opportunities of career advancement.

Job Interview Questions at Brighton Collectibles

  1. Give your introduction?
  2. How do you fit into this job?
  3. How will you convince a customer to purchase an item that he/she doesn’t want to purchase?
  4. What do you think motivates someone to purchase an accessory?
  5. How you find products of our stores different?
  6. What hours of day will you work?
  7. Can’t you join for full-time? You will get more benefits, isn’t it?
  8. How you see this job? Where do you expect yourself after leaving from here?
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Apply at Brighton Collectibles