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BrightStar Care is one of the fastest growing healthcare industries in the United States. The chief characteristic of this organization is to make life comfortable for the countrymen and allow them to enjoy it to their fullest. BrightStar Care is aimed at giving personal care, companionship and skilled care as per the public needs.

The company operates into the markets with the slogan “peace of mind.” Here, you will find premium quality healthcare solutions for families as well as businesses. BrightStar Care holds a strong manpower in order to support company’s core values and make available empathetic personal care and services at any time and anywhere demand arises.

BrightStar Care operates with more than 170 chain branches offering complete homecare solutions including children to senior citizens along with families and corporate organizations.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ BrightStar Care: BrightStar healthcare brand works for 24 hours and 7 days in a week.

Age Eligibility @ BrightStar Care: BrightStar Care allows candidates to work at the centre who have completed the age of 18 years or more.

Career Opportunities @ BrightStar Care: Few of the most important career options are:Receptionist, Clinical Dietitian,  Caregiver, Data Specialist, Care Giver, Registered Nurse, Application Developer Engineer, Homemaker Companion, Sales And Marketing Manager, Technical Support Representative, Finance Director, Lab Technician, Doctor, Behavioural Health Clinical Care Coordinator, In Home Caregiver, Certified Nursing Assistant, Clinic Front Desk Clerk, Social Worker, Medical Assistant, Retail Market Coordinator, Product Development Manager, On-Call Supervisor, Recruiter, Quality Assurance Coordinator, Luxury Sales Specialist and Contact Lens Technician.

History: The Company was inaugurated in year 2002 as a family business. The company was started with a view to provide hands on facilities of complete childcare, homecare as well as enrolment for families and individuals in healthcare benefits.

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BrightStar Care is rated as the first franchising organization which had specialized in both medical and non-medical remedial and homecare recruitment.

Presence: BrightStar healthcare has established as a giant leader in the medical industry. The company in modern times is successfully functioning in the American markets. The brand up till now (2012) had opened more than 180 chain outlets.

BrightStar Care is also planning to establish a total of 400 branches by the year ending 2012 across the whole globe. Presently the company is working at: Alabama, Maine, Wisconsin, Hawaii, Arkansas, California, New Hampshire, Georgia, Delaware, District of Columbia, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Virginia, Louisiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Wyoming, Nevada, Vermont, Ohio, Washington, North Carolina, Tennessee, Massachusetts, New York and New Mexico.

Additional Services: BrightStar is the only franchise within the United States which grant a complete range of employment services, KidCare as well as LifeCare. Due to its tremendous increase in growth, superior system technology and leading leadership, the company had been honoured by a variety of awards and reorganizations.

The quality work done by BrightStar Group Holdings Inc., had been recognized by a number of major media sources, such as Entrepreneur Magazine and Fox News etc.

Financial Stature: BrightStar Care is traded privately on New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “BRIGHSP.” The company annually generates an average profit of $1,245,594. BrightStar Group Holdings Inc., Headquarter is located at Gurnee, Illinios.

Any individual interested in starting BrightStar Care franchise has to make an initial investment of $88,279 to $152,040.

Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration:

The success of a company in any field depends a lot on its strong employee support. It’s the employees who dedicatedly work to improve the company’s future. BrightStar Care severely understands the importance of employees. Therefore, the company constantly hire full as well as part time associates to staff in. Below are the currently available job positions.

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Receptionist- A Receptionist is the first contact member in any medical organization. The key role of a receptionist is to provide extreme customer services to each visitor by means of friendly, professional, caring and courteous manner. The receptionist at their workstations is entitled for answering telephone calls as well as maintaining complete patient records. The basic pay of these workers starts from $9 to $12 for every hour.

Data Specialist- Data Specialist is the second entry level job position in medical sector. An applicant hired on this position is responsible for several job tasks. He/she needs to records patient’s data, manage clinical teams and reporting to senior executives. Additionally, data entry associate analyzes and demonstrate the data in order to identify trends.

To start your career as data specialist does not require any prior experience. You would need to complete 20 hours of shift within a week and will be given basic salary of $18 to $25/hour.

Marketing Manager- A Marketing Manager is liable for operating and managing a broad community, business development, and marketing outreach events. Furthermore, these professionals collaborator and calculate precise market opportunities. They also need to generate pioneering business development policies. BrightStar Care hires its managers on basic competitive pay of $20,000 to $40,000/year.

Advantages of working @ BrightStar Care:

BrightStar Care when compared with other healthcare brands is found outstanding in providing job benefit opportunities to all its employees. The company on the basis of caste, age, gender, nationality, colour, etc does not discriminate its employees. These facilities only differ based on location, job position as well as work experience. Here are the most terrific job advantages:

  • A 401(k) plan
  • Paid time off
  • Paid training programs
  • Meal discounts
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Discounts on services
  • Vacation days
  • Tuition assistance
  • Disability insurance
  • Credit union membership
  • Business casual dress
  • Life insurance
  • Sick leaves
  • Name cards
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BrightStar Care Job Application

Job Interview Questions for BrightStar Care:

Below are some significant questions you must read before applying for interview anywhere.

  • How flexible is your daily schedule?
  • How will you adjust according to the rotational shifts?
  • What made you apply for job at BrightStar Care?
  • What qualities a medical associate should possess?
  • How is BrightStar Care different from other healthcare companies?
  • Which part or field of the medical industry finds you the most challenging?
  • Who the company would lead your career in the right direction?