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This grocery store is a supermarket chain which is based in Tyler, Texas. It has to one-hundred and fifty one stores which operate in places such as Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana. The five divisions of this grocery store work in the names of Olé Foods Stores, Brookshire’s Foods Stores, Brookshire’s Food Stores, ALPs Stores and Fresh. The store works while using the philosophy of competitive prices, quality products, and services of superior quality. Serving the dedicated customers is the prime priority. The company feels the pride in offering services which are most personable, produce which is the freshest, and meats of the highest quality. The carryout tradition adopted is a part of the signature traits of the store. This also represents the desire of the company in making shopping the grand experience. It also concentrates on the provision of value.

Organization Details

Working Hours – This grocery store is open every day from 7am to 10pm.

Age Eligibility – The candidate must be at least of eighteen years of age while applying for in this grocery store.

Career Opportunities

The following positions are available for applicants to apply for:

Cashier, Seafood Clerk, Meat Clerk, Store Manager, Baker Clerk, Assistant Manager, Produce Clerk, Pharmacist, Grocery Clerk, and Pharmacy Technician.

History – The foundation of the Brookshire was laid in the year 1928, when the first store of the size 25 x 100 ft was brought up by Louise and Wood T. Brookshire on the downtown square of Tyler. Originally, Brookshire was a division of a chain called ‘Brookshire Brothers’ which was established seven years back in Lufkin, Texas. In the year 1939, the companies underwent a split after Wood T. Brookshire took charge of the stores in the Tyler region and in return, he sold his shares of the partnership with Brookshire Brothers. At present, the companies are related only by name.

Presence – The Brookshire Grocery Co. today operates over 150 stores seven manufacturing amenities, and three centers of distribution. More than 13,000 partners are employed here. 

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Additional Services – The company produces more than 1,500 products and Food Club can be found throughout the store. Some products are mentioned below:

Frozen foods, paper products, dairy, juices, dressings, laundry detergents, sauces, snacks etc.

Community Initiatives – Apart from grocery, the company is vigilant over provision of value. There is a provision of the loyalty program which includes a Thank You Card, which is an easy and effortless mode for clientele. This is also to help them with saving more with regards to the goods purchased from the store. The fundamental aim is to reward the customers and thank them with regards to the consistent support provided by them. Some perks for the customers include rewards for top shoppers, the weekly eDeals, opportunities for winning prizes from many sweepstakes, and loadable coupons.

Environmental Initiatives – The latest techniques as well as technologies have been introduced by this company for the purpose of lighting the retail stores, corporate facilities, and distribution. Lights in many standard stores have been swapped, and fluorescent lighting has been put into use, which not only generate more light, but also use less energy. With an aim of saving wattage and for preventing its unwanted usage, there is a provision of lights that are automatically shut off. There have been furnishings and designs of new stores which provide sky lights and provide natural light, along with reduction in energy consumption. Latest technologies for cooling, thus reducing refrigerant charges and leakage of carbon dioxide are being brought into use. The company has shown commitment towards the efforts of material recycling.

Financial Stature – This company has a sound financial stature. Amongst thirty million domains, the site has achieved the rank of 482,352 on the globe. The site has gained popularity among many online users in the USA.

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Job Descriptions & Remuneration

Bagger – The bagger usually helps customers while they bag their grocery and may also work with many different registers. Answering queries about policies or a particular product, apart from bagging groceries shopped fall under the job duties of a bagger. Traditionally, no special qualifications are required for this position but the hiring age is typically sixteen years. What is more advantageous is a previous job experience with respect to the industry of supermarkets. The salary expectations as far as this post is concerned, are generally close to $20,000/year i.e. around $10 to $12 per hour. States like Florida, Washington, California, Illinois, Oregon, and New York have the top annual yield as far as baggers are concerned.

Customer Service Representative – These are also known as customer service clerks or courtesy clerks. Providing a shopping experience of a positive nature for shoppers at the store is one of the priorities of this individual. Providing customers with product knowledge, checking the prices, in addition to guiding the customers to the specific isles at the store are some of the prime responsibilities of this representative. The average hourly starting salary for this individual usually falls between $7.50 and $10.00. While in some areas, owing to more experience, $15.00 per hour may also be offered. Locations also play a vital part in determining the salary of this customer care representative. Areas where the salary is the highest, are Massachusetts, California, Washington D.C., Delaware, and Connecticut where the average hourly salary is about $12.00. The overall hourly pay settles at $9.

Store Clerk – The key duties assigned to a stock clerk may include stocking shelves and taking care of the inventory. Management of inventory usually requires examination of dates, product levels, as also, rotation of the stored goods. Jobs like straightening of the products on the shelves, setting up new product displays, as also a number of functions with regards to the delivery area are performed by the store clerk. Moving pallets, unloading of received shipments, price labeling of merchandise, and unboxing products are some other duties of a typical stock clerk. On an average, the starting hourly salary for the clerk at the grocery store falls between $8.00 and $10.00. Areas where the salary is higher are Massachusetts, Alaska, District of Columbia, and Oregon. The hourly salary received in these states is around $14.00. On an average, the salary received by the store clerk is $22,000, i.e. around $11.00 an hour.

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Advantages of working@Brookshire

With varying eligibility requirements, the job benefits enjoyed may include paid time off, 401 (k) plans for retirement, in addition to options for life insurance.
Brookshire Grocery Application

Job Interview Questions@Brookshire

The following are some common questions which may be asked during the interview round of the selection process. The candidate must also work on and predict the questions which may be asked as per the qualifications attained by him or her:

  • If hired, for how much time are you going to work for the company?
  • Can you present a brief description of the work style that you are going to adopt while performing your everyday duties?
  • Can you recall any suggestions put forward by you which helped in improving productivity of the last company you worked for?
  • How do you summarize the steps you are going to follow for your career growth?
  • On joining this company, what is going to be your work profile in the initial thirty days?
  • How much salary do you expect to receive on joining the company?
  • How can you deal with situations which carry high pressure?
  • What has been the most significant thing that has helped you from the past experiences?
  • Which languages can you use to perform your duties efficiently and increase your productivity?