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Buehler’s is a chain of grocery stores with thirteen locations situated in Ohio’s northeast quadrant in cities such as Delaware, Ashland, New Philadelphia, Coshocton, Brunswick, Medina,, Wooster, Dover, and Wadsworth. The Buehler family holds 100% of the company under the newly formed “E&H Family Group”. The headquarters of the store is located in Wooster, in Ohio.

The company is established as customer assistance oriented business. It focuses mainly upon localized products, as well as maintaining a strong spotlight on sustainability. The Amish produce is largely purchased by the company, in addition to meats, and dairy also being sourced.  Further, focus as regards to sustainability is enhanced by free, recycling stations of the community. For products that are hard to recycle, like motor oil and computers, there are days of periodic community reprocessing. The company operates grocery stores that are large and have many departments. Many a times, items like hardware, card shop, floral, video rental, as also the company’s own ‘The Mill Restaurants’ are also worked upon.

Currently, it is the third-generation of Buehler family which is running the business and would soon be replaced by the fourth generation.

Organization Details

Store Working Hours

The store is open every day of the week, from 7 am to 9 pm.

Age Eligibility

At least sixteen (16) years of age while applying for any post.

Career Opportunities

General Store Manager, Aisle Clerk, Grocery Clerk, Utility Clerk, Bagger, Dish Machine Operator, Meat Cutter, Produce Clerk, Assistant Store Manager, Cashier, Grill Cook, Salad Bar Manager,  Grocery Specialist, Night Stocker, Floral Designer, Oven works Clerk, Baker, Deli Counter Clerk, Host, Produce Manager, Hostess, Driver, Frozen Foods Stocker, Doughnut Fryer, Pharmacist, Bakery Clerk, Demo Person Counter Server etc.

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The first store of Buehler’s Fresh Foods was founded at New Philadelphia, Ohio, by Ed and Helen Buehler, in the year 1929. The second location of Buehler’s was opened in Wooster, also in Ohio, three years later, in 1932. In the 1960s, this company opened three locations, thus expanding the stores all through Ohio.


This grocery store chain prevails in the western United States and has its headquarters located in El Segundo. Being a subsidiary of Tesco, which is the third largest company of retail goods in the world, it also has plans for a rapid expansion. Now, there are close to two hundred stores located in Nevada, Arizona, and California (December 2012)

Environmental Initiatives  

The company gives its 100% when it comes to sustainable and green initiatives. The company also helps its customers participate as far as being friendly to the environment is concerned. The fresh foods joint has recycling centers in certain locations like Dover, New Philadelphia, Wooster Milltown, and Ashland. The trend of recycling which has been going along for decades has proved beneficial for the planet. The system of recycling helps in diverting huge amounts of waste stuff away from incinerators and landfills. On recycling one bottle made of glass, the energy saved is enough to light a bulb for about four hours. Carrying out the procedure of manufacturing materials by using recycled goods (with only some exceptions) helps in saving water and energy. It also generates minimum amount of pollution.

Financial Stature

Tesco’s 3rd quarter interim statement of management revealed that the Fresh & Easy’s sales went up by 1.8 per cent year after year.

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Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

The store offers both full time and part time employments. Some of the positions and the salaries are mentioned below:

Stock Clerk:-
This individual is responsible for answering questions asked from the customers, related to products, and replacing unwanted items back to the shelves. This clerk stocks shelves, and unloads the received deliveries.  The mean hourly wage of the stock clerk comes to $11.66 and the mean annual wage is close to $24,200.

Bagger:- The bagger working with Buehler’s interacts with customers and bags items chosen by them. Sometimes, he or she also takes the sold grocery items to the vehicles of the customer. Also, general duties of cleaning up the store are the responsibility of the bagger. The mean pay for a bagger is $22,560 per year, i.e. $10.85 per hour.

Deli Counter Clerk:-
Primarily, this individual carries out the responsibility of satisfying all the customers visiting the store. Graciously greeting each customer, making them feel comfortable and suggesting them some popular brand names to purchase also falls under the responsibilities of this individual. The average salary of a deli counter clerk comes to around $23,950 or an hourly salary of $11.51.

Advantages of Working

Employees working for the company are benefitted by paid trainings, healthcare coverage, 401 (k) retirement plans, flexible working hours, flexible employee spending accounts, along with paid holidays and also, paid birthdays. The work environment maintained by the company is family oriented and it also offers a flexible scheduling, thus making work pleasant and enjoyable.

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Buehler’s Job Application

Job Interview Questions  

The questions asked during the interview round can be linked to education, experience, general knowledge etc. attained by the candidate. As an additional step towards preparing for this ultimate round, the candidate is also advised to prepare from his or her own front to achieve success. Some questions that are commonly asked are as follows:

  • Do you possess the legal authorization to work in the United States of America?
  • Would you bother working on weekends, nights, or on other holidays?
  • What made you choose this profession at this point of life?
  • Can you recall those instances wherein the work done by you was criticized or appreciated, and how did you deal with the situation?
  • Do you have the ability to carry weights of 50/100 or 150 Lbs. and replace them as much further?
  • What according to you carries more weightage – Your salary or Your performance?
  • What made you quit your previous job?
  • What type of person would you deny working with during your tenure in this company? 
  • How do you plan to deal with some customers who are easily irritated, or some with lack of patience?