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Burger King Corp., holds the second largest positioning in fast food chain sector just after McDonald’s. The brand has established approximately 11,455 chain outlets marking its presence in 56 nations. Adding more to it, an average target of pleasing customers and client’s everyday is about 15.7 million throughout all sites. It also sells more than 2.4 billion hamburgers each day.

From the very first day of its beginning, the company is constantly greeting its customers with supreme quality, delicious flavour and a big list including several mouth watering menu products all at affordable prices.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Burger King: The food court starts from 6:00am to 2:00 am. But the timings might differ at very location.

Age Eligibility @ Burger King: An applicant will be eligible to work at Burger King only after completing the age of 16 years or more.  

Career Opportunities @ Burger King: Cashier, Overnight Supervisor, Team Member, Intern, Service Technician, Tax Analyst, Porter, Product Development Manager, Shift Coordinator, Assistant Manager, Sales Manager, Management Trainee, Restaurant General Manager, Administrative Assistant, Brand Activation and Legal Assistant.

History: This international food brand was launched in year 1953 in Jacksonville, Florida. In the beginning, it was named as Insta-Burger King. Founder of Burger King are Keith J. Kramer and Matthew Burns. After visiting McDonald’s food restaurant, both partners started thinking for a different concept of opening new food store within the country.

Presently, over 11 million customers and corporate clients daily step in at all locations of Burger King. The company is committed to please all customers by offering signature recipes, premium ingredients and friendly dining experiences. This commitment is included in the company policy since the first day of its business.

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Presence: This brand food store serves the people of more than 70 nations. For this, the company has established 12,000 centres in these countries. The branches are settled in Canada, Brazil, China, Aruba, Korea, Chile, Mexico, Hungary, Germany, Iceland and Australia.

Additional Services: Burger King was started to serve the people of the United States. But with the change in market needs and business environment, today the chain food court is producing chicken sandwiches, flame-broiled burgers, side dishes, salads, breakfast items, desserts and drinks as well.

The restaurant is proud of itself in delighting the customers every time visiting the fast food centre. Due to daily increase in the number of guests, this feeling encourages Burger King to introduce new delicious and flavoured consumable products on constant basis.

Community Initiatives: Burger King strongly knows its responsibilities towards the community it serves in. The company operates a foundation known as “The Burger King Have It Your Way”. This foundation supports the BK Family Fund and a U.S. college scholarship program in order to help employees and their dependents.

Environmental Initiatives: The fast food centre is also engaged in preventing environment. To effectively step forward in this direction, Burger King encourages its employees and distributors to reduce the use of harmful resources so as to impact the atmosphere as little as possible.

Financial Stature: Out of the total fast food outlets (nearly 12,500) operated around the globe, 90% of them run as private franchises in the market. Only 10% of the chain stores are managed by the company. Average annual income of Burger King is recorded upto $2.5 billion since the commencement of its business. The organization has also employed over 39,000 workers across all locations. Burger King functions under a parent company known as 3G Capital.

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Job Descriptions & Remuneration

To achieve high customer satisfaction rate, the company regularly needs to provide quality services to them. For this, the brand must be full of qualified and energetic employees. To achieve this set target, Burger King appoints both entry level as well as experienced professionals. You can find vacancies of full time plus part time associates. Below are some positions which require candidates on immediate basis.

Team Member: Team members at the food court are highly responsible for ensuring customer happiness, each time they visit the restaurant. An employee on this post needs to act either as a cashier, cook or complete other assigned tasks.

Your key job duty will be to operating registers, cooking, taking orders and cleaning, etc. as far as your salary is concerned, you will be earning a least amount of $8 or $10 per hour in the restaurant.

Management: Just like other brand organizations, management positions at Burger King also include specific job designations, such as shift coordinators, restaurant general managers, team leaders and assistant managers, etc. These people functions the responsibilities same at other food stores. They staff new employees, train associates, schedule workers and check all the operations closely. A manager at Burger is eligible for minimum salary of $20,000 every year. It can increase upto $40,000.

For those people, who are searching for part time and full time jobs at a food chain, the job application for Burger King is very beneficial.

Advantages of Working @ Burger King

As soon as you get employed in the food store, you will be offered a large number of job benefits apart from your salary and job perks. In the starting days of the employment career, you can enjoy compensated job training, schedule flexibility and industry-competitive pay rates.

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These advantages will automatically increases depending upon the number of years you serve in the organization. Most common and beneficial employment facilities are: Health and wellness benefits, yearly bonuses, future planning perks, tuition assistance, 401(k) retirement plan, paid time off, disability and life insurance, domestic partner benefits, business accident, employee assistance program.

To enjoy these wonderful job advantage plans, fill out the job application form and get associated with this international brand.

Job Interview Questions for Burger King

Few important interview questions asked during interview round are as follows:

  • Tell us something about yourself.
  • Will you be able to cope up in this fast-paced environment?
  • What made you to work here?
  • What will be your contribution towards company’s growth?
  • What special qualities do you possess?
  • Will you be available on weekends and on holidays?

Burger King Job Application