Busch Gardens Job Application

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Busch Gardens are amusement parks in United States. These theme parks are built by SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment. There are two ‘Busch Gardens’ parks, one in Tampa, Florida and other in Williamsburg, Virginia. The theme parks require hiring young candidates for their maintenance.

The job opportunities featured by these theme parks can be accessed online. The seaworldparks.com gives comprehensive information about the park and its operations. Move on to its career’s page where you can learn about the courses offered by the theme park. Every individual willing to find a job at these parks require taking some training before they are allowed to work. The current job openings are also listed on the same page. Since this is an amusement park, you will enjoy your work than in any other workplace. You will not even realize that this is a ‘job’. There is always fun and entertainment.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Busch Gardens:- Monday-Tuesday: 10:00AM-6:00PM; Wednesday-Friday: 9:30AM-6:00PM; Saturday-Sunday: 9:00AM-8:00PM

Age Eligibility @ Busch Gardens:- 16 years old

Career Opportunities @ Busch Gardens:– gardener, Facility supervisor, Park operations team lead, Cashier, Marketing coordinator, Guest relations hostess, Photography specialist, Tram operator, Entertainment supervisor, Food service attendant, Security ambassador, Guest arrival attendant, Sales clerk, Dispatcher, Food service cashier, Ride attendant, Security officer

History:- Busch Garden was established in year 1906. There are two theme parks running under this title. These parks are situated in Tampa, Florida and Williamsburg, Virginia. The parks are owned and operated by SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment. The parent company is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. There are more than 25,000 employees working for the SeaWorld.

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Attractions:- Busch Gardens at Tampa bay is the largest zoological site in United States. Its major attractions are Stanley falls, Jungala, Rhino rally, Sheikra, Tidal wave, Montu, Sand serpent, Kumba, Congo river rapids, Scorpion, Sesame Street, Serengeti railway, Edge of Africa and Cheetah hunt. The major attractions at Williamsburg site are Escape from Pompeii, The curse of DarKastle, Griffon, and Big bad wolf, Europe in the air, Alpengiest, and Loss Ness Monster.

Presence:- There are two theme parks of this title. One is situated in Williamsburg, Virginia, and other is located in Tampa Bay.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

All candidates looking for an entry-level job, to afford their living, should consider these theme parks for employment. If you are residing or studying near these parks, trying there for the job is quite worth. There are many different jobs that you can try for. You only need be 16 years old for most of them. The theme park require workers who maintain cleanliness, operate rides and roller coasters, welcome guests do billing for them, entertain them, guide them to entertainment sites in the park and take their care.

The parks also need security officers, who keep a watch on every corner and ensure safety of the visitors. The security officers are often hired with the help of security agencies. The candidates can also find a job in the food outlets based in the park. There, they can work as caterer, food preparer, cashier or manager. At various sites, cashiers are required, who sell or check tickets of the visitors.

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The parks do hires of maintenance technicians and engineers. They maintain and troubleshoot the rides and other electrical equipments of the park. They are also responsible to ensure safety from any electrical or other technical hazards.

Advantages of Working @ Busch Gardens:

These theme parks are exciting places to work. The employees enjoy the job despite it may be a 24×7 job. The workers are paid good wages mostly on the hourly basis. The full-time workers are enrolled on salaries and given other benefits as well. They are eligible to avail retirement benefits, anniversary gifts, insurance, and privilege leaves.
Busch Gardens Job Application

Job Interview Questions at Busch Gardens:

  • Will you introduce yourself?
  • Why Busch Gardens?
  • Can you entertain kids?
  • When are you available?
  • What should you do that visitors revisit the park?
  • How will you handle a visitor, who is misbehaving?
  • How will you ensure safety in the garden?
  • Tell us about your favourite cartoon character?