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California’s Great America is an amusement park where you can spend several holidays enjoying and travelling. The amusement park is the only one of its kind in north California. The visitors often like staying at the park and spending their holidays in it. It is one of those theme parks, where you can build a long career or do a job for years.

The theme park has provided any employment application online. If you are residing near it, then you can try for employment by sending your resume to the management in person. There are many jobs that may fulfil your employment thrust. You can join at numerous positions like ride attendant, customer service representative, security officer, food service assistant, technician, or others. You are eligible for most of these jobs provided you are at least 16 years old. Some positions in management or administration can also be secured provided you are 18 years old and have some job experience of working in the amusement industry.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ California’s Great America:- 10:00 AM to 08:00 PM daily

Age Eligibility @ California’s Great America:- 16 years old

Career Opportunities @ California’s Great America:– Marketing executive, Ticket sales agent, Alarm technician, Janitor, Call centre operator, Security guard, Ride attendant, Ride maintenance technician, Food caterer, Customer service representative, Pool technician, Greeting associate, Ride electrician, Landscaper, Office clerk, Online sales agent

History:- Great America Park is located in Santa Clara, California. It is owned and operated by Ceder Fair Entertainment Company. The parent company has opened around 11 amusement parks in the country. Great America is one of them. The amusement parks run by the company receive around 3 million visitors every year. It is the only amusement park of this size in North California.

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Attractions:- There are many roller coasters, family rides, thrill rides and kid’s areas in the park that are counted among major attractions. Some of the roller coasters in the park like Flight deck, Psycho Mouse, Vortex, Gold striker, the demon, and Taxi jam are extremely popular. The famous thrill rides inside the park are Tiki Twirl, Drop tower, Orbit, Xtreme Skyflyer, and the revolution. The two children’s areas – KidZville and Planet Snoopy are also major attractions of the park.

Presence:- This amusement park is located in Santa Clara, California. It is spread in 100 acres of land.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

This amusement park lies in the San Francisco Bay Area. The residents living around have good chances to find employment in the park. Both full-time and as part-time opportunities are available in this theme park. You should be at least 16 years old to find employment there. You can become a ride attendant, ticket sales agent or a team member. If you are from a technical background, you try for jobs like technician, electrician or ride mechanic.

The amusement park offers accommodation and food services. Hence, a number of jobs are available in hospitality and food service. You can join as associate, chef, food server or cashier at food outlets. Similarly, there are many jobs in hotels running inside the park.

Moreover, there are jobs in sales, marketing and advertising. You will require completing education in advertisement management or some other stream of management to find a job in such positions.

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Advantages of working @ California’s Great America:

The job perks offered by Great America largely depends upon your job title and kind of employment. In case, you are working as a part-time associate at an entry-level position, you will be getting high wages and sometimes bonuses. But you will be deprived of many benefits that full-time workers get. The company gives high salary packages to professional workers. The packages are supplemented with a pension plan, discount offers, life insurance, medical benefits and incentives.
California’s Great America

Job Interview Questions at California’s Great America:

  • Is this your first job in an amusement park?
  • What are the main attractions at Great America?
  • Where do you study?
  • Why do you want this job?
  • Where do you live?
  • Will you be able to learn your tasks within a week?
  • Can you do random jobs?