Caribbean Airlines Job Application

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Caribbean Airlines will be the perfect airline, with which you can start your career.  The airlines, currently has a workforce of more than 1000 employees out of which, around 650 work in the corporate positions. There are several jobs that the airline can offer you whether you are searching a job simply to get employed or seeking an airline career.

The is the corporate website of the airline. The jobs vacancies currently open in the airline are posted on the ‘Job’ page of the website. The candidates, who have been looking for a job in Caribbean, should learn about the new openings through the website. If any of those vacancies is of their interest, they can apply online. They will require submitting their resume on the website. The recruitments are done all year, and there can be a job offered anytime. So keep checking.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Caribbean Airlines:- Working hours varies by job title.

Age Eligibility @ Caribbean Airlines:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Caribbean Airlines:– Administrative assistant, Operations manager, Customer service representative, Flight attendant, Information services representative, Engineer, Cargo handler, Maintenance technician, Financial analyst, Corporate communication assistant, Co-pilot, Legal assistant, Pilot

History:- Caribbean Airline is the official airline of Trinidad and Tobago government. It was founded in year 2006 and started operations a year later. It has 21 airplanes in its fleet and operates 530 flights between 19 destinations in a week. It has flights to countries in Caribbean region, North America and South America. Its hub is Piarco international airport of Trinidad. Some of its flights are also for London, United Kingdom. In year 2011, it acquired Air Jamaica.

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Additional Services:- Most of the flights operated by the airline are from the Caribbean region to North America. Other flights are to and from South America. The airline is growing slowly. It is about to purchase new aircrafts for further expansion.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

Is becoming a pilot or flight attendant, your dream? This dream may come true with employment at Caribbean Airline. It is the only airline in Caribbean region. The individuals must have acquired a pilot license for a pilot job and or attended  training plus internship for flight attendant job. Obviously, these jobs will be the foremost choice of those, who desire to travel the world.

Apart from flight jobs, there are jobs like cargo handler, ramp agent, air traffic controller, air security guards and other ground duty works that can be easily secured. The cargo workers load and unload cargo from the airplane. Air security guards screen passengers, do patrolling and secure restricted areas of the airport. These workers may be paid on an hourly basis or may receive salaries.

A number of technical jobs too await candidates. There are jobs in aircraft maintenance and engineering departments. The eligibility requirements in these jobs vary depending upon the job title.

If none of the above jobs suits to your education or taste, you can try for jobs in the corporate office and customer service. The jobs in finance, marketing, sales and promotion are always there. The customer service department is also hiring reservation clerks, service agents and trip advisors.

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Advantages of Working @ Caribbean Airlines:

An airline job is always prestigious. These jobs are sought by many, not because they are high pay jobs, but they have a different reputation associated with them. Moreover, one gets an opportunity to meet new people, who have different languages, cultures and experiences. So, one certainly enjoy the work. The benefits like high pay, advanced training programs, pension benefits, travel privileges, life and healthcare insurance, and investment and profit sharing options appear secondary considering the stature of the jobs.

Caribbean Airlines Job Application

Job Interview Questions at Caribbean Airlines:

  • Why Caribbean Airlines?
  • How did you choose this profession?
  • Tell us about your work history?
  • What challenges did you face in this job?
  • What do you expect in the future?
  • Should we discuss your package?
  • Do you have any customer service experience?
  • How much you enjoy air travel?