Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh Job Application

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The ‘Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh’, is actually conglomeration of four museums, located in greater Pittsburgh. The provision of a thorough look of the culture and history of the city and state of Pittsburgh is the primary aim of this museum. The functions of this organization are directed by the Carnegie Institute, headquartered in Pittsburgh, in Pennsylvania. A pair out of these four museums have the ownership and are operated by Carnegie, namely the Carnegie Museum of Art, and the  other name Carnegie Museum of Natural History. The same premise holds the place of both these museums. There are two museums, i.e. the Carnegie Science Center and The Andy Warhol Museum, placed in the North Shore region of the city.

Employment facilities find a boom here in the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh. Art enthusiasts, buffs of natural history, and science lovers may get exciting and stimulating jobs here. To work at a museum should never be taken lightly or as fun. The museum carries an appealing environment involving cleaning of artefacts and handling the information regarding the exhibitions. It also keeps you updated regarding the events that are due to occur, in the near future.

The museum encompasses many historically significant, extensive, creatively brilliant collections of the globe. The collection ranges from contemporary artwork to Egyptian pottery, dinosaur bones, bugs, artefacts and fossils of epoch. There are old and new worlds to be explored in Carnegie Museum of Art, The Andy Warhol Museum, and Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

Organization Details

Working Hours – The museum operates from Tuesday to Saturday: 10:00am to 5:00pm; On Thursdays: 10:00am to 8:00pm, whereas Sundays observe 12:00noon to 5:00pm. Otherwise the museum observes a holiday on Mondays, but it is open from 27th May through 2nd  September.

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Age Eligibility – Eighteen years of age.

Entry Tickets and Refreshments

Admissions into the museum involve the purchase of tickets. The entry is free for members and their children who are three years old or younger. The charges are $11.95 for children and students with their respective identity cards. For senior citizens,  more than 65 years of age, the charges are $14.95; while adults must pay $17.95 whenever they pay a visit to the museum. On Thursday nights, there has been a reduction to the charges of entry inside the museum. Adults and senior citizens must pay $10; while children have to shell out $5 in the form of entry fee into the museum. Talking about the Cafés, the Carnegie Café operates for lunch on Tuesdays through Saturdays, from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm. The ‘Brown Bag Lunch Room/Vending Area’ operates during the working hours of the museum. The ‘Fossil Fuels Café’, which brings forward light fare, beverages, and gourmet coffees works Tuesday through Sunday, till 4:00 pm.

Career Opportunities

Quite a number of opportunities for job seekers are waiting to be made use of while applying for a post in the Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh. These opportunities are listed underneath:

· Curatorial Assistant

· Executive Assistant

· Financial and Administrative Manager

· Director of Visitor Experience

· Program Presenter

· Gallery Attendant

· Museum Store Specialty Buyer

· Research Associate

· Customer Service Representative

· Gallery Ambassador

· Security Officer

· Education Program Specialist

· Instructor

· Outreach Presenter

· Visitor Services Representative

· Custodian

· Ticket Sales Agent

· Cashier


In 1896, the first Carnegie International came into existence, bringing with it, the globe’s coolest art in a place like Pittsburgh. In the year 1991, the Museum collaborated with the Buhl Foundation also brought in the new Buhl Planetarium.

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Additional Services

As time passes, the realm of interest of the museum has been amplified. It has included American as well as European decorative arts, which date from the 70th century to the contemporary. Complementing the Heinz Architectural Center, there are objects which are architect designed. Also included in the museum’s collection are African art, Asian art- including Japanese prints, video and film, photography etc.

The museum houses about 30,700 objects, which include works on paper, objects of decorative arts, sculpture, architectural objects, records, sculpture, and paintings. Not to forget the numerous images, which appear in the Teenie Harris Archives of Photography.

Community Initiatives

The duties of the workers at the museum go far beyond just welcoming the visitors or saying adieu, when they leave. Carnegie’s remarkable outreach programs for education help both, students, as well as teachers to imagine the world outside the walls of a classroom.

Every year, around thirty thousand children in schools are reached out by the Museum of Natural History- ‘Science on Stage’ and Carnegie Science Center’s – ‘Science on the Road’ all across the southwest Pennsylvania. These shows being science themed are full of fun and innovative too. They even strike the standards of the state and the national level. The story does not end here. Whenever it is not possible to pay a visit to a school, the Museum of National History’s Distance Learning Program lets teachers and students establish interaction with the help of scientists and museum educators via videoconferencing. The special requests of the audience are met with by ‘Museum on the Move’, which reaches the senior citizens, who are found at facilities or comes in contact with children admitted in hospitals.

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Job Descriptions & Remuneration

Opportunities of equal employment are provided by the museum irrespective of veteran status, citizenship status, marital status, national origin, creed, religion, colour, non-job related disability, race etc.

Advantages of Working

Apart from salaries, the eligible employees also enjoy numerous additional benefits. Apart from the discounted museum passes, the employees who are eligible also enjoy perks, a 403(b) retirement plan, program for employee assistance, discount on parking rates, discount on Museum café, museum stores discount, gift and personal membership discount, reduced rates connected to many notable events, and programs for employee recognition. There are many other categories to share your advantages, such as healthcare insurance, direct discount, disability insurance, dental insurance, insurance for healthcare, flexible spending account, paid sick time, vacations in addition to life insurance.


Job Interview Questions   

  • Do you possess any leadership qualities? Please exemplify.
  • During your previous job, how was the everyday schedule like?
  • If given a job as a curator, what impresses you as the most notable aspect?
  • How can you promote the museum’s presence?
  • How can you establish the importance of museums in any country?
  • How valuable is the history of America and how influencing is it on other countries?
  • Are you aware of the duties to be performed by you for the applied post?
  • How is history the defining factor about the prosperity of a country?
  • What is the importance of museums for any country?
  • Why do you want to take a career connected with history and museums?