CARQUEST Job Application

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CARQUEST is an aftermarket automotive supplies retailer in North America. The company retails automobile components and accessories at more than 3000 locations. With such a wide spread retail network, it is always searching new employees to fill in positions like teammate, delivery drivers and sales associates.

Are you interested beginning your career with this auto parts retailer? You can find employment in a variety of capacities like at retail stores, corporate office and distribution centres. Switch to the official website – for applying to a job. Move to the career’s page of the website and select a position in the respective category. A list of available openings will be displayed. Apply to an opening by filling up the online form. The applicants will be called by the store manager at respective location for an interview. Use the online store locator to search the exact location of a store.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ CARQUEST:- Monday-Friday: 8:00AM-6:00PM; Saturday: 8:00AM-5:30PM; Closed Sunday

Age Eligibility @ CARQUEST:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ CARQUEST:– Sales representative, Warehouse supervisor, Planner, Supply chain and logistics manager, Machinist, Store manager, Information technology specialist, Assistant store manager, Service delivery teammate, Sales associate, Product manager, Training manager, Distribution centre manager, Sales associate, Administrative assistant, Operations manager, Auto part handler, Pricing specialist, Delivery driver

History:- CARQUEST came into existence in the year 1974. Its first stores were opened in North Carolina. The company maintains the corporate headquarter at the City of Rayleigh. It supplies to auto parts to retailers like Goodyear, Midas, Firestone, General Parts, and Meineke. The largest shares of supplies are requested by the General Part, which is operating more than 1500 retail locations.

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Additional Services:- These stores sell auto parts, equipments, and auto tools. It has been the official supplier of Hendricks Motorsports. It is an active sponsor in NASCAR sports. It also conducted its own football league from 1994 to 1997. The sports event is still held annually in Orlando, Florida under the title Champ Sports Bowl.

Presence:- There are around 3500 auto stores of the company operational. These stores are located in Canada, United States and Mexico.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

The individuals looking for a job with the company may find employment in retail stores, distribution centres and corporate office. A number of sales positions are offered at the retail locations of the company. The associates have to ring up purchases, assist customers in the selection of brands and auto parts, and print cash receipts. The sales associates are high school pass out students, who work part-time or full-time. Usually part-time jobs are offered by the stores for teammate and sales associate jobs.

A candidate may join at managerial and corporate positions. In management jobs, he/she has to monitor inventory control, process financial transactions and hire new employees. They feed instructions to the workers and guide them in accomplishing their duties. These positions are often offered to candidates having prior work experience of retail management or operations management.

Advantages of Working @ CARQUEST:

As there are both full-time and part-time jobs available at the stores, the job perks vastly vary by the nature of employment. The part-timers gain standard wages and receive additional bonuses for their services. They have flexible schedules, hence could complete their studies without any hassle. The professional designations are offered to full-time associates having relevant experience and education. Their salary packages include 401(K), life and health insurance, and monthly bonuses. The non-monetary benefits availed by them includes paid vacations, career advancement and employee assistance program.
CARQUEST Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at CARQUEST:

  • Do you know the job of technician?
  • How much do you know about automobiles?
  • How are you suitable for a sales job?
  • What should be your reaction to an ill-behaving customer?
  • How long will you remain in the job?
  • Will you be comfortable travelling?
  • How much you must be paid?