Cartridge On Wheels Job Application

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If you wish to build your career in printing supply and service industry, you can submit Cartridge on Wheels Job Application because Cartridge on Wheels is a renowned franchise system, offering ink, toner, drum and cartridges, and printer service to most prestigious brand printer and fax machines.

Brief Company History

In 1995, Tim Kerry and Paul Moreau founds Cartridge on Wheels as Discount Imaging in West Monroe, Louisiana. The initial beginning of the company was operation from a rented back room. The rapid progress of the company from a small beginning is the result of fair prices and personalized delivery service in any location. Today, the company deals in over 2,000 different types of products for all brands of printers and fax machines.

The company is occupying a leadership position in the mobile printing supplies and service industry and well known for supplying replacement toners, re-manufactured cartridges, drums and inks for different entities including banks, offices, legal offices, hospitals, architect offices, design shops and others.  The price of printing products supplied by the company is even lower than the OEM products supplied by other suppliers.  The corporate office of Cartridge on Wheels locates at 206 Texas Avenue, Monroe, LA.

The company is also eco-friendly and collects the empty toner cartridges to ship them off to recycle and re-manufacture outer shells. The company replaces internal parts of the Cartridges to maintain the quality, but keep outer shell as it is for reuse. Lexmark, Hewlett Packard and other internationally prominent manufacturer brands are valuable service customers of Cartridge on Wheels.

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Cartridge on Wheels Careers and Job Application

Cartridge on Wheels offers different types of career building opportunities in printing supply and service. Applicants can submit Job Application for corporate office and franchise stores jobs. The common requirements include Imaging Supplies Specialists, Sales and marketing, Field Representatives, Office Managers, Customer Care, Purchase, inventory Management, Technicians, Trainers, National Office Support, Operations, Local Representatives, Administrative and Management positions.

Job Application Process

For advertised corporate office, stores and franchise requirements the applicants can submit their resumes directly via online or in person. The company reviews submitted resumes, and if your skills, experience, qualifications, strengths, salary expectations and education match the advertised job requirements, the company will contact you for on-site interview. It is also necessary to remember that pre-employment screening for criminal background check, reference checking and others are is carried out by the company or franchise store. Once the company hires, you will also have to complete required trainings organized by the company and franchise.

Location Map

If you want to work close to home franchise, you can use Location Map offered by Cartridge on Wheels website page. You can search nearby area store and find out advertised jobs to submit your Cartridge on Wheels Job Application.

Cartridge on Wheels Interview Questions

The Cartridge on Wheels Job Application process requires submitting Job Application and resume, showing key skills, education, qualification and experience. The hiring team reviews the submitted application, and if found matching job requirements of the advertised and applied job, the hiring team contact the candidate for telephonic and on-site interview with the hiring manager and other company officials.

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Therefore, candidates must be well versed with the interview questions, and must be well prepared to answer the perspective interview questions.

Cartridge On Wheels Application

The common Interview Questions during Cartridge on Wheels interview include:

  • Will you continue your studies even after we hire you?
  • Why should the company recruit you?
  • Which office equipments can you operate?
  •  Why did you apply for Cartridge on Wheels job?
  • How will you react if you found another Cartridge on Wheels employee duping the company?
  • Do you have any experience working in the commission?
  • Can you complete your entire shift standing on your feet?
  • How would you impress a customer to bag big order?
  • How can you profit the company if we hire you?
  •  Have you applied in any other job?
  • Are you comfortable in relocating to other locations?
  • Are you comfortable to work Day/Night/Weekend/Holidays?
  • Have you worked before in office supply industry?
  • What are your week points?
  • How Cartridge on Wheels job benefits you?
  • Do you have any technical knowledge?
  • Are you legally authorized to work in the United States?
  • Are any of your family members working with Cartridge on Wheels?